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These intentions are how you wish to be


I have to share a video with you that I listened to this weekend. The video is from Brene Brown in the Ted Talks Houston. The talks about her studies on shame and what it means. One of the greatest points is talk about how to be kind to yourself before you are kind to …

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Blame I’m Gonna Live Forever

During the political season with the voting and the what not, it is hard to not notice how everyone loves to find someone to blame for today’s problem. It could be with the Republicans putting Hitler mustaches on Obama and blaming him for the economy. You can also look at the Occupy Wall Street movement …

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Life Coaching Spiritual Style: Power of Words

Project #9 of the toastmasters speech is the inspirational speech. I named it The Power of Words. Link to Youtube Video Yes, the title is from Huey Lewis and the News.

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