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Fun Practice – ABC Game”>Esther

I am always excited when I find a practice that I enjoy using for myself. When I am living with more joy, everything in my life is just working out for the better. For the last two weeks I have been using the ABC game explained below by Esther Hicks who is channeling Abraham. Esther …

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Go There First: Feel Good to Get Others to Feel Good”>Richard

Imagine that you are in a room taking a test. In which situation are you most effective, freaking out and worrying about the test or being calm and realizing that everything is going to be fine? Michelle Jump replied to my blog on Key #2 of a Joyful Life: Be Positively Selfish, “Wow so, you …

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CD Preview: Joy Meditation”>CD

Here is a joy meditation I made. It is a rough draft, however it will give you an idea of what is going to be on my future CD. Tell me what you think! joy meditation I really enjoyed making the meditation. I felt so good while doing it. Related articles by Zemanta Fun Meditation …

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