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Ego New Age Satan

Spiritual Life Coach discussing the ego as the New Age version of Satan When talking to people about ego, I have noticed that many create a new enemy for themselves to fight. Many people think the ego is the reason they are unhappy. Many of those who believe in self empowerment think that the ego …

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The Secret under attack again

Spiritual Life Coach Tip: Discussing an aspect of The Secret Molly Gordon who is the author of Authentic Marketing wrote a blog called, “Why The Secret Hasn’t Made You a Millionaire.” Since I have launched my life coaching business, I have noticed that it is popular to bash The Secret. The Secret is a movie …

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Spirituality has a touch of humor”>I

One thing to make sure you include with your spirituality is a sense of humor. When you take away the sense of humor from your spiritual self, you are closing yourself off to an essential part of spirituality. The part you are closing off is the part that is meant to feel good. Feeling good …

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