Category: Intentions

Forgive Yourself

In your life you have done things that makes you feel ashamed. This could even be an action you did that you think of over and over again. You spend time wishing that you can go back in time and do things differently.   I know I have had times in my life. Sometimes they …

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2012 Venus in Transit

Today Venus is in transit. Which means that Venus is going to pass in front of the sun on June 5th, 2012. This is a magical day. A twice in a life time event. The next time this is going to happen is in over 100 years. Of course if they do find the cure …

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2012: Year of Change: Half way through

Today marks June 1st. The month that marks half way through the year of change. How are you doing with your New Years resolution? There is a rumor that 2012 is the last year that we are on this planet as the world is going to end. Why not make that true. The end of …

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