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Spirituality has a touch of humor”>I

One thing to make sure you include with your spirituality is a sense of humor. When you take away the sense of humor from your spiritual self, you are closing yourself off to an essential part of spirituality. The part you are closing off is the part that is meant to feel good. Feeling good …

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Sixth Toastmasters Speech – NLP Hypnotic Story”>Richard

I am really enjoying toastmasters. Just over a month ago I finished my 6th speech. I enjoy studying NLP and I have been reading Richard Bandler and I decided that I would write my own version of a NLP Hypnotic story. I feel this was a really good first attempt.  This is one of my …

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Integrity Perspective Two – Promises to yourself

Integrity is important if you want to live a joyful life. Having integrity means that you are living with a steadfast adherence to your strict moral and ethical code. If you are going to be a leader then having integrity is essential. It is hard to trust people who do not display integrity. Since we …

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