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Joyous Expansion Podcast Transcript – Josh Elledge

Brett Dupree: Hello, Josh, and welcome to my podcast. Josh Elledge: Hey Brett, thank you so much for having me. Brett Dupree: You’re very welcome. So you hope people get themselves out there? Josh Elledge: Yeah, I think there’s a real purpose for that because if we look at the difference of business, owners say …

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Joyous Expansion Podcast Transcript – Rosemary Nonny Knight – How To Become A Deliberate Millionaire

Brett Dupree: Hello, Rosemary, and welcome to my podcast. Rosemary Nonny Knight: Hi, Brett. How are you doing? Lovely to speak with you. Brett Dupree: Lovely to speak to you. Apparently you’re all the way in jolly old England. Rosemary Nonny Knight: Oh yes. Lovely sunny England as of today. Anyway, who knows? When anyone …

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Joyous Expansion Podcast Transcript – Gina Hatzis – Building A Tribe By Being Your Authentic Wonderful Self

Brett Dupree: Hello, Gina, and welcome to my podcast. Gina Hatzis: Hey, thanks for having me. Good morning. Brett Dupree: Good morning. I am happy you’re so chipper. Gina Hatzis: I’ve had my coffee, baby. Brett Dupree: Why don’t you give the people an introduction to who you are? Gina Hatzis: Oh, I love that …

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