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Joyous Expansion Podcast Transcript Heather Breedlove – How to Shine Your Bright

[00:00:00.300] – Brett Dupree Hello, Heather, and welcome to my podcast. Good morning. [00:00:03.790] – Heather Breedlove Good morning. So excited to be here. [00:00:06.570] – Brett Dupree Can you please give the listeners a brief introduction to who you are? [00:00:10.230] – Heather Breedlove Absolutely. So my name is Heather Breedlove and I founded …

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Joyous Expansion Podcast Transcript W.T. Hamilton, Mindset Coach, and Author – How The Mindset For Success Can Work For You!

Brett Dupree Hello, W.T., and welcome to my podcast. WT Hamilton Hey, Brett, great to be here. Brett Dupree It’s great to have you. So, I take it you’re an author? WT Hamilton Yeah, I’ve been known to write a book or two in my spare time. Brett Dupree What got you interested in writing? …

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Joyous Expansion Podcast – Episode 8: Aimee Chandler – Ditch That All or Nothing Attitude

Aimee Chandler Aimee Chandler, the founder of Aimee Chandler Wellness, is a wellness coach focused on helping busy women create healthier lifestyles without making huge changes. Aimee works women who have had a major life event like a career, having children or a medical diagnosis that has thrown them off course when it comes to …

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