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Ode to Wayne Dyer

Wayne Dyer Meant A Lot To Me When I started out my path towards being the best me that I can be, Wayne Dyer was a very important person on that path. I am happy that he existed and made such a positive impact on this world. I will always be grateful towards him. RIP …

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Get Back on that Horse

You have probably made a promise to yourself that you have broken. You created a big goal and then did not follow through with the goal. The easy way to handle the situation is to give up. You have already fallen off the horse, you might as well stay on. The truth of the matter …

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Breaking Bad Shows the Power of Choice

  Breaking Bad is available on Netflix. I have finished all three seasons of this wonderful show. Breaking Bad is one of my favorite current television shows. The acting and story are amazing.   If you haven’t seen Breaking Bad, you should check it out now. Breaking Bad is the story of Walter White, a …

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