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Be Honest With Your Look Back

Yesterday I wrote in my blog December to Remember I wrote how December is a good time to look back and plan ahead. What makes the look back and planning ahead valuable is the ability to be honest with yourself and have at least judgement as possible. By least judgement as possible is to not …

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Songs that Pump You Up

  Joy Increasing Action Tip #1: Music is an awesome motivator. Even if music isn’t one of your major loves, there is nothing that can pump you up more than the right song. I know for myself, I would never say one of my main loves is music. However there are songs that bring me …

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Personal Challenges Build Character

Personal challenges build character or something like that. Especially when you have fun with the challenges. When you challenge yourself to do something difficult and you accomplish the challenge the feeling of pride is incredible. Doing personal challenges is a great way to grow as a person. The key to personal challenges is to think …

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