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Part 3 of Intention Equation: Resistance

E(I+F)-R=M Resistance. R is for Resistance. Resistance is your negative thoughts and feelings. When you make negative thoughts you will have negative feelings, negative feelings will lead to more negative thoughts. That will build your resistance. If your resistance is too big there is no way you can manifest what you desire. Resistance can be …

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Part 2 of The Manifestation Equation: Intention and Focus

Intention and Focus are the two most important aspects of your life that you have complete control over. Set your intention and focus on your desires and you will live an amazing life. E(I+F)-R =M I = Intention F = Focus You make intentions everyday. Every time you make a decision on how you want …

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Part 1 in Manifestation Equation: Emotions

Part One in the Manifestation Equation: Emotions E(I +F) – R = Manifestation Emotions are a key part of life. They can be one of the best parts of life. Think about it? I spent a good portion of my life trying to be emotionless. Well by emotionless, I mean I would try to not …

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