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Amazing Coaches:

I had the pleasure of doing some coaching with Judy Stoffel Loewen . She is an amazing woman with a beautiful heart.

Recommended Services:

If you live in the Seattle Area, I highly recommend Katie Votava for your next massage. Katie is a very skilled and professional massage therapist
For really awesome custom jewelry check out Scrumpy by Lisa Schattenkirk. Lisa is an amazingly talented photographer. She has taken all of the professional photos of me that you see on this site.

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Inspirational Life Coach Brett Dupree (233 Posts)

Internationally certified life coach through inviteCHANGE, Brett Dupree envisions a powerful future in which people live in pure joy. He believes that there is a great transformation just around the corner and he coaches people on how to use passion and inspiration to ride the powerful wave of awakening that is sweeping this world. Brett has dedicated his life to the study of personal empowerment. He believes that real lasting change comes from changing from the inside out. Working with you one-on-one, Brett helps you listen to your inner voice to reach your goals with passion, inspiration and ease . He creates a sacred space that allows you clients to bask in the joy of creation. He will help you find peace and balance in their lives so you can transform yourself into a self leader. Using the power of intentions, the Law of Attraction and his deep loving powerful heart he helps his clients gain miraculous results.

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