Joyous Expansion Podcast – Episode 4: Emily Stulman Klein – From Imperfect to Living a Juicy Life

Joyous Expansion Podcast

Emily can be found at

Joyous Expansion Podcast Episode 3: Julie Grimm – From Scientist to Spiritualist

Episode 3 of Joyous Expansion Podcast

Check out Julie Grimm:

Joyous Expansion Podcast Episode 2: Philip Cmor – License to Be Kind

Episode 2 of Joyous Expansion Podcast

Philip Cmor just an everyday person. Philip dealt with issues and still do, and in dealing with those he feels compassion and a need to try to help others wherever he can so they can spend more time enjoying a peaceful, fulfilling life. Of course, when Philip sees someone struggle or himself run into an issue — be it not achieving a goal, having difficulty in a relationship, etc. — it brings him down. Philip has failures all the time. He just tries to focus himself, remember the techniques he has learned over the years and then move forward. Philip thinks we all have different ways of dealing; we just have to find what works for us.

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