Jul 11

10 Affirmation tips Video Blog

One of my most popular posts is the 10 tips to Affirmations. So I put it in a video.

Affirmations are good tools for creating the life you want to live. However, they can also be burdensome. The 10 tips for Affirmations were created to take the burden out of Affirmations.


The idea behind affirmations is that you have beliefs about yourself and beliefs are a collection of thoughts that you think everyday. If you tell your affirmation everyday you will be inserting the new, more positive belief into your daily routine. With your new thoughts you will be building new and more powerful beliefs. At first when you say your affirmations it will be hard, since you do not believe them. The more you say your affirmation the easier it will be to say because you will believe it more and more.

If you were to search the term, “Affirmations do not work” you will notice there are many articles and even scientific studies on problems with the affirmation. Affirmation process described above seem to work better on subjects that you already, at least a little, believe. If do not believe your affirmation there can be a negative effect if you try that process. Every time you say your affirmation and you feel negative emotions from it, you may be doing more harm than good.

Watch this video!

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Jul 10

Cut the Chaff

English: Chaff. A wheat field after the combin...

English: Chaff. A wheat field after the combine has passed. Enough grain is lost amongst the chaff to keep the local pigeons going. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cut the Chaff. Take away all of the parts in your life that does not serve you. Well maybe not everything, but enough. Make it a practice. Once a week ask yourself if this activity is serving your higher purpose. If it is not, cut it.

I am not saying get rid of all trivial pursuits. Sometimes escaping is a good thing. It is good to just have some time when you escape your reality and relax. Those times need to be deliberate. Set up times to relax and relax enough for you to get back on your feet to create the amazing life you want to live.

Sometimes it is tough because the thing to give up is either something you put a lot of work in or something that defined you.

When I gave up cable I did it for money reasons. Now I notice that I am better off without having cable. I still watch TV, however now when I watch TV it isn’t just mindlessly watching TV. There is something specifically I want to watch. Without meaning to I was able to cut a mindless time sink. I still have other mindless time sinks. Like the internet. Still having one less time sink has been very positive in keeping me on track.


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Jul 09

Move Forward

One of the most important things I learned from reading Spiritual Enlightenment: The Damnedest Thing: Jed McKenna, is the idea of moving forward.

What I mean by that is the only constant in this world is change. You are either going forward or backward. It doesn’t really matter what happens in your life. However, if you keep moving forward towards your goals, you will get there. Or at least you will be enjoying your life more. Either way that is a good thing. When you move forward you keep on keeping on. You will be more joy-filled and it will be easy to keep your dedication.

Because all you have to do is move forward. Even if it is just one step towards your goal this day. Move forward. Keep on going. You can do this!


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