Jul 09

Move Forward

One of the most important things I learned from reading Spiritual Enlightenment: The Damnedest Thing: Jed McKenna, is the idea of moving forward.

What I mean by that is the only constant in this world is change. You are either going forward or backward. It doesn’t really matter what happens in your life. However, if you keep moving forward towards your goals, you will get there. Or at least you will be enjoying your life more. Either way that is a good thing. When you move forward you keep on keeping on. You will be more joy-filled and it will be easy to keep your dedication.

Because all you have to do is move forward. Even if it is just one step towards your goal this day. Move forward. Keep on going. You can do this!


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Jul 08

Learning from Pain

The Princess Bride (film)

The Princess Bride (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Pain happens in life. In fact, one of my favorite quotes is from Princess Bride. “Life is pain princess.”


This might be confusing at first because I am such a positive joy filled person. This blog is so positive and joy filled. Why would I talk about pain?


The answer is simple. Because pain happens. No matter how awesome you are at the Law of Attraction, how clean and joy filled your vibration is, something is going to happen that will hurt you.

To deny your pain will push your pain down deeper. When it comes out it will come out in a huge ball of emotion. Have you ever had a positive experience with a huge pain ball of emotion? Of course not, it generally leads to something you will have to apologize for later.


That is why you need to use pain. Pain can either make you better or pain can make you bitter. It is your choice. You can work through the pain, learn from the pain and create a better life. Or you can deny the pain or resent the situation which caused you pain and create a bitter life. It is your choice.

If you want my advice I would say use the pain to make you better.




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Jul 07

Learn from Joy

Learn from Joy. You can learn a lot from joy and from success.
In your life you have probably seen many movies and read many books about people who have learned through adversity.
However you rarely see any movies and read many books about people who have learned through success.
While the success story is more boring to watch, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t anything to gained from learning from joy. Learning from joy, from success, from what you want is a great way to keep on getting more of what you want, more joy, and more success.
Don’t you want more success? Of course you do. Be sure to learn from your successes, so you can keep on making them successful! In fact, learning from what works generally works better than learning from what doesn’t, because you can build on what works. What doesn’t work, does help, however it generally brings you back to the drawing board. Learning from success allows you to keep the drawing board and add more or refine.
Learn from success and from not success and your life will be amazing.
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