Jul 07

Learn from Joy

Learn from Joy. You can learn a lot from joy and from success.
In your life you have probably seen many movies and read many books about people who have learned through adversity.
However you rarely see any movies and read many books about people who have learned through success.
While the success story is more boring to watch, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t anything to gained from learning from joy. Learning from joy, from success, from what you want is a great way to keep on getting more of what you want, more joy, and more success.
Don’t you want more success? Of course you do. Be sure to learn from your successes, so you can keep on making them successful! In fact, learning from what works generally works better than learning from what doesn’t, because you can build on what works. What doesn’t work, does help, however it generally brings you back to the drawing board. Learning from success allows you to keep the drawing board and add more or refine.
Learn from success and from not success and your life will be amazing.
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Jul 06

Do Not Act Out of Fear

Do not act out of fear. Act out of love. Then you will a life with minimal regrets

One of my personal goals in life is to minimize my regrets. I have noticed that every time I act out of fear, I end up doing something I regret. Not counting times when fear gave me the energy to run away from a bear type situation. That doesn’t happen very often.

By fear, I mean the fear based emotions. Anger, sadness, fear, revenge, worry, and the other fear based emotions. Most times, especially when I am with someone that I love and I act out of fear, I regret that decision.

I have had a situation that happened recently that displayed to me the importance of acting out of love. When someone I loved hurt my feelings I was triggered and I acted out of fear. Unfortunately I ended up hurting the person back. That is not how I want to be. That is not how I want to act. I am a being of love and my goal is to be a being of pure love.

It is important to act out of love and not act out of fear. I am not saying it is easy. When you feel those fear based emotions, feel through them. As you work through them, calm yourself down to get to a point where you can think rationally and connect to your higher purpose.

When that happens, then you can act. When you live your life this way, you will minimize regret.

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Jul 05

Part 3 of Intention Equation: Resistance



R is for Resistance. Resistance is your negative thoughts and feelings. When you make negative thoughts you will have negative feelings, negative feelings will lead to more negative thoughts. That will build your resistance. If your resistance is too big there is no way you can manifest what you desire.

Resistance can be dealt with by letting go. You can meditate, go for a walk, go for a jog or take a nap. Any way you can lower your resistance towards what you want will allow you to retrieve it faster.

There is a chance you can improve your emotion, intention and focus enough for you to achieve what you want. However, life gets much easier if you lower your resistance.

Learn how to relax, have fun towards your goal and lower your resistance. Then you will energize your ability to manifest!


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