Guest Blog – Intuition – Are you Trusting Yours?

What does it mean to follow your intuition? It means taking a moment to quiet the chatter going on inside your head and just “feel” what you know is right.

So often I have had a nagging feeling in the back of my mind somewhere, something that I hadn’t even formed into words. I chose to ignore it, only to find later, that I could have avoided many challenges if I had only paid attention to that “nagging” feeling – my intuition.

Sometimes it was something as simple as “ go put another quarter in the parking meter”. Our Angels and Spirit Guides are constantly guiding us, but given the fact that God gave us free will, we don’t have to listen to the loving guidance they share with us. I am learning to seriously pay attention to the “feelings” and “knowingness” that I experience and I am finding a life that is truly refreshing.

It’s about faith; it’s about knowing that all abundance comes from God and believing that no matter what your outer situation may look like, you WILL prevail. It’s about following what you know is right, even if every logical reason in the world points you in a different direction.

You take that plunge into the unknown with some trepidation because having an ego sometimes doesn’t allow you to have 100% faith, but you KNOW that somehow it’s the right thing to do. It takes practice for some, but I have learned that when there is confusion in my life and I believe I don’t know what to do next; I can relax my mind, tell my ego to sit in a corner for awhile, and find that I already knew the answer. It’s trusting that feeling. It’s learning to rely on that knowingness called intuition.

Life is so much less stressful when you realize you are not alone. If you choose to be guided, you can tap into that awesome support team that surrounds each of us. I now take the time to put those “vague feelings” into words and look at what I am being shown. Sometimes I don’t feel ready or “qualified” for a new challenge, but if it is being shown clearly to me, then I am indeed qualified in Heaven’s eyes. It is an abundant, loving, magical universe we live in- if we choose to perceive it as such. Trusting your intuition is your very first step in achieving that perception of your world.

Welcome to the adventure of Spiritual Enlightenment – you will never be the same again!



Jacquelyn Gioertz has spent many years living in Europe and traveling the world. Her life has been spent teaching others to understand life and follow their passions. She is an avid student of the Universal Laws and an Energy Healer. As an Intuitive Life Coach, Infinite Possibilities Trainer, Law of Attraction Practitioner, Author, Speaker and Artist, her goal is to inspire and empower women and men to embrace their uniqueness and find their strengths to create the life they love and deserve. You can learn more at

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Guest Blog – Be Provocative!

OK, if you’re reading this I’m going to make some assumptions about you.  I’m going
to assume that you are someone who is curious or actively seeking to better
themselves or to simply feel better in life.  You likely read quotes and blogs by
people who say uplifting things or remind you to see love and beauty in situations.
Well, I’m going to offer to you the idea of being provocative.  Defy everything.
Do NOT be happy if you don’t feel like.  Do not find the bright side of a
situation.  But do these things because that is honestly you at that moment.  Look,
we are not here to please others.  We are here to be ourselves.  And some of us
define ourselves as:  happy, active, vegan, loving, wife, sister, brother, engineer,
sloth, lazy bum, mathematically challenged…Just because one person is doing it
does not mean YOU have to.

In fact, do NOT do it unless that is you!  I like my
Facebook feed to be full of positive and provocative thoughts
to help me see the day differently when I am feeling frustrated.  But you know
what?  On my hard and difficult days I sometimes want to punch those positive
people in the throat and say, “Yeah, easy for you to say!  Today is HARD!  You have
no idea.”  And you’re right, they have no idea.  They are just doing themselves.

English: Vegan Pumpkin Seed-Crusted Lentil Pat...

English: Vegan Pumpkin Seed-Crusted Lentil Patties with Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Salad (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

That being said, I offer to you permission to be 100% authentically you every day.  If you have been vegan for 183 straight days and then you need a steak…why not?!  Eat steak.  And then don’t feel guilty.  You are just being you.  Aspiring to be something like on “People’s most Excellent People List” is something I have seen on Facebook.  That person is asserting their goal and good for them.

BUT I think it
is even cooler to just be you whether people en masse believe you are excellent or
not is NOT important.  Awards are NOT important.  IF you have any goal strive to be
authentically yourself every day.  It may
cause you to be provocative and unloved one day but what does that matter if you
love yourself and those that authentically know you love  you as well?  It doesn’t
matter.  It never matter.  All that matters is you being the gift that you are to
this world and offering the different facets of that ‘you’ every day to all of us.

Jessica Gentry - IP Trainer

Jessica Gentry – Infinite Possibilities Trainer

Jessica Gentry is a fellow Infinite Possibilities trainer.

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Increase Your Joy Podcast 3 – Life of Pi, Law of Attraction, Projects over Goals

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Increase Your Joy Podcast 3. Talk about how you are part of the universe, project over goals, February challenge, March Challenge, Life of Pi review, how to move on from disappointment.
Also first podcast with intro from ShiftyPop.

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