Aug 01

Increase Your Joy Podcast 8 – Emotional Triggers and Love

Increase Your Joy Podcast 8


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Jul 26

Byron Katie – The Work is Awesome

English: Portrait of Byron Katie

English: Portrait of Byron Katie (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Byron Katie is one of my favorite teachers. I love her message and her process.

The beauty of her process is the fact that is very simple. Just 4 questions and 2 or more turnarounds.

1) Is it True?

2) Can you absolutely know that it is true?

3) Who are you when you think this thought?

4) How would you be if you could not think this thought?

Then turn the statement around to the opposite, other, self or thinking.

Doing this work can let go of years of abuse. The most important abuse there is, self abuse. This work has helped so many people.

It has also helped me in so many ways. Every once in a while I will break out the work. Especially when my thoughts are getting the best of me and having difficulty stopping myself from suffering.

Suffering is believing that reality should be different than it is at the moment.

I highly suggest checking her out.

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Jul 25

Don’t Worry, Worry is for Suckers – VBLOG

Worry is a huge waste of time. Worry does you no good. All it does is hurt you, while it does nothing to help the person that you are worrying about.

Worry is different than concern. Worry and concern might start with the same intention, it is a much different action. When you concerned, and you do nothing about it, then concern turns into worry.

Worry is thinking the something bad is going to happen over and over and over again. A coward dies a thousand deaths, and every time you worry, you are creating a scenario where what you worry about has happened.

If you have concern, do something about it, even if all you can do is send good vibrations or prayer. Then you have to let it go and trust that the best is going to happen. If the worst is going to happen, let the worst happen once.

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