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In the era that we live in today expanding the mind has never been more important. The amount of information available is amazing and increases everyday. The nice part about our era is that information readily available. With the availability of more books and the wonderful Internet even the common man can get an education that 200 years ago would only be available for the wealthy elite.

With more and more information available, it is more important and easier than ever to expand our minds and constantly learn new things. Not learning something new causes our brains to stagnate. A stagnated brain will lead to a stagnated life. According to Magnificent Mind at Any Age by Dr. Amen, humans are able to learn well into our 70s, so there is no excuse not to go out and learn something new.

When you are constantly learning, you will be constantly growing your mind. Growing your mind will allow you to grow your life. There is a wonderful world out there. Also learning about yourself and how to motivate yourself is key to having a life of great expansion. The more you know about yourself, the more you can work with you to accomplish all of the goals you want to accomplish.

Another aspect of expanding the mind is training the mind for success and happiness. Expanding my mind with learning and training have been essential for me to love my life. For years, I trained my mind to see what is wrong with my life. Paying attention to the people, places and things that I do not want in my life caused me to bring in more things I do not want into my life. Training the unconscious mind to pay attention to the joy in my life has worked wonders in my daily joy. I am also able to see opportunities for improvements instead of just seeing what is wrong. An example of the phenomenon is the new car effect. When you buy a new car, all of a sudden it seems like the new car you just bought is everywhere. That is because there is a part of your mind that works as a filter. There are over 2 million units of sensory information at any given moment. Having to pay attention to all 2 million or so would drive you mad and would be impossible to function day to day. Your mind filters out the important inputs and shows them to the conscious mind. Now that your new car is part of your mind filters as something to pay attention to, your mind now shows that car to your conscious mind. For years I trained my mind to show me how lonely I was, or how broke I am. Now I train my mind for appreciation, joy, friendships, success, and all of the other wonderful things that I want in my life. This is something you can do as well. Your life will be amazing if you adopt this policy.

Adding a touch of joy to learning expansion is finding the sense of purpose in your life. Having a feeling that you were put on this earth for something greater than yourself makes learning that thing a wondrous joy. It brings training the mind into an amazing focus. Instead of just training the mind to be happy, you are training your mind so you can serve humanity with your gift. Living in more joy will be for the benefit of all as you are giving your gift while living your divine purpose.

Contact me today, so we can work together to find your purpose and create a plan to both train your mind for success and to live your purpose with joy and vigor.

Homework of the week:

1. Make it a goal to learn something new in a field that is very important to you. Notice how much fun it is to learn about something that matters to you.
2. A way to train the brain is through affirmations. Create an affirmation for joy such as, “I am magnet for joy.” Repeat this affirmation 10 times in the morning when you wake up. Notice how more joyful events are being noticed by you and how much better you feel.

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Expand Your Life

Life expansion is a very important aspect of my definition of expansion. This aspect ensures that I never feel stuck. Expanding your life is the physical nature of life. It is the parts that we generally compare to other people to see how well we are doing. There are three basic categories that fall into expanding your life: career, relationships and significant others.

Career Expansion

People often get stuck in this category when I tell them about living a life of joy. Many people have the idea that the only way they will change their job and grow is if they are unsatisfied or even hate their job. Leaving your job only when you dislike it, is living a life of fear and not a life of choice. It leads to finding another job for you to find a reason to hate. No matter what job you have you will always take you with you. Finally, there is always the chance of regret when the new job does not satisfy the unfilled needs for leaving the last job. Joyous Expansion is living a life of choice and purpose. When you are living your life on purpose you will have a feeling of satisfaction when you are at your current job. When you are satisfied when your job is not fulfilling to your expansion, there is a feeling of completeness towards your job. As long as you are bringing joyous expansion into your career, then you will never feel stuck. Never stay in your job because it is comfortable. Comfort is the enemy of expansion. Comfort is not a bad thing, by it should be a byproduct of the wondrous choices you are doing in your life and not the goal.

Relationship Expansion

Having amazing and joyful people in your life is essential for living a life of success and joy. The people around you are a direct reflection on the type of person you are and the type of person you are going to be. Finding these people can be done through networking, workshops, joining study and success groups and classes. We are social creatures and having a good social network is essential.

Two hands holding

Two hands holding (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is important to create new networks of friends and mentors and to deepen the relationships of these important people in your life. Relationships never stay the same. People are constantly evolving. Keeping relationships the same is impossible. People grow and it is respectable to grow your relationship with them. This includes your friends, kids and especially your significant other.

Significant Other Expansion

The relationship with a significant other will never stay the same no matter how much you would like. A common relationship complaint is that a spouse is no longer the same person as they were at the beginning of a relationship. That is the truth. Both partners are not the same as when they first started dating or were married. Relationships have to grow or they will grow stale and die. Nothing stays the same. Give up that idea right now. The times when you and your lover feel like you are growing apart are the times to work on getting closer. This is how you grow a relationship. Loving the other person when they are acting unlovable is essential for a happy relationship.

Joyous Life Expansion

Adding a little touch of joy to life expansion is taking joy in the fact that nothing is going to stay the same. Something you love to do today might not be something you love to do tomorrow. Your purpose today might not be your purpose in 10 years. The only thing that is certain in this world is change. Changing with joy allows you to see the humor in it.

Homework of the Week

Where in the three areas of your life expansion do you feel stuck? Write down 5 positive actions you can take to bring positive change to your situation.

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Expand your boundaries! Expand your ability to be you!

Expanding my boundaries was one of the main concepts that I worked on when I started my improvement journey. When boundaries are small there are feelings of tightness. Having small boundaries is being stuck in prison of fear. When stuck in the prison of fear, the actions that I take come from an unconscious reaction to the feelings. It is like having a computer program that launches when , fear strikes.

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For example when was in a situation where a woman that I found very attractive was talking to me, my internal computer would run BeautifulGirlTalkingToYou.bat.

BeautifulGirlTalkingToYou.bat runs the executables, Freeze.exe, Lookaway.exe, SaySomethingStupidBecauseSheMightLikeYou.exe, and would leave the coup de grâce YouShouldofSaidSomethingDifferentYouDummy.exe. After this program would run, you can imagine how bad I felt.

Boundary expansion is a practice of increasing the size of the prison. By increasing the size of the prison, I get to be at choice in areas where I would have been in automatic fear response. Being “at choice” means that instead of reacting automatically, I am able to be in a mode of being able to make choices.

Also, when the prison of fear gets so big that it is no longer viable, it is much easier to discard. I want to drop the prison, so I can be a person who bases his choices on logic, love, desires, and peace. When a choice is made out of fear that choice will lead to regret. Even if the choice is the best choice possible choice, fear based choices lead to second guessing and living in the past. When choices are made out of logic, love, desire or peace, I am able to live a life of action and no regret. This is because I know that I made the best possible choice and if that choice turns out to be unfavorable, then I am able to move on and make new choices.

Expanding my boundaries is not about getting rid of fear. Removing all fear is something that is very improbable and discounts the emotion of fear. The two main types of fear that I work with are survival fear (“oh my god, that bear is going to kill me”) and learned fear (“I remembered that from my past, I did not like it.”) These types of fear have positive aspects. Survival fear keeps you alive and away from pointless fights with bears. Learned fear reminds you of past actions that you do not like.

Our fear-based actions are paramount.. Courage is not the absence of fear, it is feeling the fear and acting based on logic, desires, peace or love. There is a saying, “Feel the fear and do it anyways.” Sometimes it is perfectly fine to “feel the fear and not do it anyways.” My motto is “Feel the fear, learn from the fear and then make choices based on what I actually want.” I go back and see where I gained that fear and work with to expand that boundary. Making decisions based on logic and love allows you to make all of your choices based on your best intentions.

The beauty of boundary expansion is that doing just one action that expands your boundary allows you to be at choice in other areas of your life. One of the wonderful things about being human isimproving one aspect of your being normally improves other areas.

Look at figure 1 below.
Old Boundary
Figure 1

Each X represents an action in your life that causes fear. The circle is your boundary. The actions outside the circle are ones that cause you to have an automatic unconscious reaction based on fear. Actions such as as skydiving, job interviews, talking to attractive people, talking to strangers at a party, driving on a freeway, being around spiders, public speaking, or any other action that causes an automatic fear response. The actions inside of the circle are ones that you are able to make conscious choices on what you want to do. Figure 2 shows what happens when you expand your boundary to where the selected action is now one where you are in choice.

New Boundary
Figure 2

The new boundary encompasses some actions that were once outside your boundary. For example, joining a group to practice public speaking may allow you to be able to ask your boss for a raise. Sometimes actions that do not seem to have a direct link are actually related. . Working on expanding your boundary and doing those things that scare you will make you be at choice in all areas of your life.

Adding Joy

Adding joy to boundary expansion is having the knowledge that all of the scary actions you are taking are ones that will improve your ability to share your gifts with the world. Having joy with boundary expansion will help you take the sting out of the fearful actions because you are doing it for a purpose. Joyful boundary expansion allows you to celebrate the action no matter its outcome Get shot down by a member of the opposite sex? Who cares? You just made the world a better place by expanding your boundary. Celebrate! You are making strides to increase your boundary and improve your life.


The homework this week is to find an action in your life that you do not do because you fear it. Practice the action a few times and notice how each time it is less and less scary. Notice other areas in your life that have been improved by this change.

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