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Video Blog – Improve with Improv


Improve with Improv Improv classes can improve your life. I wrote a post about it before. There I said… Taking Improv classes through Jet City Improv is very beneficial. I am very thankful that I have taken improv classes. I recommend that everyone takes them. You can gain so much from taking improv classes. Before …

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Hold On To Your Passion


Years ago there was this TV show where I saw this woman bring on her boyfriend. It turned out this woman was jealous of something in her boyfriend’s life. She felt second fiddle to his bike. Turns out this guy loved bike riding and she didn’t like the fact that it took so much time …

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Cut the Chaff


Cut the Chaff. Take away all of the parts in your life that does not serve you. Well maybe not everything, but enough. Make it a practice. Once a week ask yourself if this activity is serving your higher purpose. If it is not, cut it. I am not saying get rid of all trivial …

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