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Mar 02

Increase Your Joy Podcast 17 – Book Release Party!

Increase your joy podcast 17, Book Release Party. Brett Dupree talks about his book release party, the myth of success and what can be learned by one of his favorite animes, One Piece. Buy his book here http://book.joyousexpansion.com Related articles Increase Your Joy Podcast 15 – Book Celebration Increase Your Joy Podcast 16 – Year …

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Jul 25

Don’t Worry, Worry is for Suckers – VBLOG


Worry is a huge waste of time. Worry does you no good. All it does is hurt you, while it does nothing to help the person that you are worried about. Worry is different than concern. Worry and concern might start with the same intention, it is a much different action. When you concerned, and …

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Jul 20

Video Blog – Think Big


Do yourself a favor and think big! Reach for the stars. The bigger you think the bigger you attract in your life. You gain nothing from thinking small. Move into action by thinking as big as possible. Reach for the stars and land on the moon. Keep on moving forward. I wrote an article about …

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