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Dealing with Uncertainty

It has been a while since if have posted. Since May when I posted about Goals being for the future. Clarification from the blog post. I am not against goal setting. Just know what you are doing and be aware that you are potentially creating a situation to feel bad. Dealing with Uncertainty Have you …

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Goals are for the Future!

As I was searching my facebook page, I came along this blog post by Erica Awakening. http://postfeminine.com/goals/ How Goals Block Us From the Truth What Would Happen If You Let Go of All Your Goals? I highly recommend reading the blog post. Here is the comment I left for her. I love this blog post! …

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2011 Spiritual Life Coach from Ripple to Tidal Wave – Slow down

Spiritual Life Coach Tip: Slow Down As a spiritual life coach, I have done a good job of creating a positive ripple that has affected the world around me. My New Year’s resolution for 2011 is simple. I’m going to expand the ripple that I created into tidal waves of positive energy that will envelope …

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