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My Altar


Life has ups and downs. Even for people who work on their happiness and joy. I have many up times when I feel amazing and powerful. There are also times when I do not feel as amazing or powerful. During those times I decided that I would create an altar. I would create a physical …

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Letting Go Takes Love


Spiritual Life Coach Tip: Letting Go Takes Love During the weekend I learned of a poem that is really good at describing on what I think about letting go. I have gotten into a few discussions where I could have used this poem to better articulate what I was trying to convey.  I am sharing …

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Eight Keys for a Joyous Life Revisted


A year ago I wrote a blog post about the 8 keys to living a joyful life. Any life coach worth their salt has keys to life that they believe in. They are even better when they are in list form. Lists are fun to read as they are to make. If you live these …

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