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Learning from Pain


  Pain happens in life. In fact, one of my favorite quotes is from Princess Bride. “Life is pain princess.”   This might be confusing at first because I am such a positive joy filled person. This blog is so positive and joy filled. Why would I talk about pain?   The answer is simple. …

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Goals are for the Future!

As I was searching my facebook page, I came along this blog post by Erica Awakening. http://postfeminine.com/goals/ How Goals Block Us From the Truth What Would Happen If You Let Go of All Your Goals? I highly recommend reading the blog post. Here is the comment I left for her. I love this blog post! …

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Guest Blog – Are you a Giraffe?

  Are you a Giraffe? What if someone came up to you and said, “Hey!  You’re a giraffe!”  I bet you’d look at them strangely or think that you mis-heard them.  “Umm, excuse me.  Did you just say I was a giraffe?”  Why would you be confused by their statement.  Well, because you are NOT …

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