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Breaking Bad Shows the Power of Choice

  Breaking Bad is available on Netflix. I have finished all three seasons of this wonderful show. Breaking Bad is one of my favorite current television shows. The acting and story are amazing.   If you haven’t seen Breaking Bad, you should check it out now. Breaking Bad is the story of Walter White, a …

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Guest Blog: Forgive to Win

Forgive To Win

GUEST BLOG: A way to open up your heart to joy is forgiveness. One of my favorite quotes is “To hold a grudge is to poison yourself and expect the other person to get sick.” Walter E. Jacobson has written a book on forgiveness. Today I share with you a resource you can use to …

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Spiritual Life Coach is Certified

Hooray! I am a Certified Professional Coach. I have the Certification to prove it. LOOK! Link: Spiritual Life Coach is Certified!

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