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Beware the New Year Trap

Beware the New Year Trap. The trap that comes along with every new year, new month, new week, or even new day. The trap of waiting for tomorrow for something you can start today. I was looking on Facebook during the month of December and I have seen many status updates from my friends claiming …

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December to Remember

The beauty of December is the fact it rhymes with remember better than any other month. December falls at the end of the year and it is the best time to remember the following year and reevaluate your goals and celebrate your accomplishments. Look back at your year and look at what you have done. …

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2011 Spiritual Life Coach from Ripple to Tidal Wave – Slow down

Spiritual Life Coach Tip: Slow Down As a spiritual life coach, I have done a good job of creating a positive ripple that has affected the world around me. My New Year’s resolution for 2011 is simple. I’m going to expand the ripple that I created into tidal waves of positive energy that will envelope …

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