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Law of Attraction – Loving the Things Happen

The Law of Attraction has many amazing aspects that work well with living in your daily life. In my path as a spiritual life coach, I use many of them every day. I work to deepen Image by Brenda Cooper via Flickr them and learn the lessons that come from them. The Law of Attraction …

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The Secret under attack again

Spiritual Life Coach Tip: Discussing an aspect of The Secret Molly Gordon who is the author of Authentic Marketing wrote a blog called, “Why The Secret Hasn’t Made You a Millionaire.” Since I have launched my life coaching business, I have noticed that it is popular to bash The Secret. The Secret is a movie …

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Celebrating My Favorite Person – ME


On August 28th I turned 32 years old. I am so happy that I have lived that long. I am enjoying my life and enjoying who I am. Image via Wikipedia What I celebrate more though is the day I made the decision. On my 26th birthday, 6 years ago, I was a frightened man …

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