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Two Words for my Haters

To all the people who hate me or like to hate on me, I have two words for you? “Who cares?” Have you ever been on Facebook and read the status where someone mentions their dislike for haters? Being an avid Facebook user, or addict. Depends on how you look at it, I have noticed …

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Make the Decision 2012 is the best

Make the decision that 2012 is the best year of your life. If you want to live the best year of your life it makes it a lot easier when you make the decision that is going to happen. Mark it down on your calendar, write it on your mirror, make the 2012 is going …

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Life is Magic

Spiritual LIfe Coach loves fortune cookies

    Life is full of miracles when you open your eyes to them. When you are open to the wonderful messages of this world, then you will receive them. I remember there was a time when I was not feeling well about my path in life. The goals I wanted to accomplish were not …

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