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Songs that Pump You Up


  Joy Increasing Action Tip #1: Music is an awesome motivator. Even if music isn’t one of your major loves, there is nothing that can pump you up more than the right song. I know for myself, I would never say one of my main loves is music. However there are songs that bring me …

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Yes And

On thursday my Toastmasters group had an impromtu speaking night. The goal of the meeting was to work on impromtu speaking. Since most of the talking you do in your life is impromtu, having practice and being good at it is very important. Since the group enjoys my ability to think on my feet, I …

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Get Back on that Horse

You have probably made a promise to yourself that you have broken. You created a big goal and then did not follow through with the goal. The easy way to handle the situation is to give up. You have already fallen off the horse, you might as well stay on. The truth of the matter …

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