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Joyous Expansion Podcast Transcript – Deena Janel – Trusting Your Gifts To Live A Joyful Authentic Successful Life

Brett Dupree: Hello Deena and welcome to my podcast. Deena Janel: Thank you for having me. I’m excited to be here and I’m honored. Thank you so much. Brett Dupree: You’re very welcome. Excited to have you on. Says here that you are a natural clairvoyant. Deena Janel: Yeah, I am. Pretty cool, right? Brett …

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Joyous Expansion Podcast – Episode 7: Angie Charlebois – Release Trauma with Havening

Angie Charlebois Angie uses Havening Techniques®, as it’s called, to create new neural pathways for safety, courage and success in the amygdala of her clients.  She’s seen huge transformations in her clients once they hack their fears. Angie’s offering Joyous Expansion listeners a special:  More Joy, Less Pain – Resolve trauma and painful triggers and …

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Joyous Expansion Podcast – Episode 6: Anna Margolina – Turning Fear into Adventure

Anna Margolina Turning fear into adventure with the power of NLP. Go beyond your negative thoughts and take things to a whole new level. Anna Margolina can be reached through her websites – www.annamargolina.com and www.agelesswithhypnoiss.com She offers a free 40 min initial consultation to anybody who is tired of pushing through stress and pain, …

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