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Letting Go of Overwhelm


Today I sharing with you a process I used to get over overwhelm. Tell me what you think about it! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2iawMifrctY

Celebrating My Life – Rampage of Appreciation


Celebrating My Life Image via Wikipedia One important part of living a joyful life and attracting what you want with the law of attraction is to enjoy your life as it is now. Using the inspiration of Esther Hicks, who has written a book on the Law of Attraction, I am going to be doing …

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Forgiveness and Unconditional love – VBLOG

While studying to be a life coach I have discovered a few ideas that I do not agree with. The idea that forgiveness is not a good thing and that unconditional love is dangerous. I posted a couple of videos on You Tube with my thoughts on forgiveness and unconditional love. Related articles by Zemanta …

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