Joyous Expansion Transformation System™

The Joyous Expansion Transformation System™ is three phases. The phases are the intention, action, and celebration. During the intention phase, you will learn how to gain crystal clear clarity and focus on your desires. With clarity, you will not only know where you are going, you will create a plan for your success. During the action phase, you will get your emotions aligned with your actions so that you can move mountains. You will remove all roadblocks from taking inspired actions. Most importantly, we will work on you becoming deliberate with your actions. Finally, is the most important, celebration. When you celebrate the little things in life, life becomes one big celebration. In the final phase, you will learn how to enjoy your life authentically. Celebration through joy is what really separates me from other coaches, because not only is it important for me to help you to transform into a naturally successful person, it is important that you enjoy your life.

Life without intention is directionless. Intention without action is just a dream. Action with celebration becomes a burden. Take the steps to unleash your passions and live the life of your creation.

Joyous Expansion Transformation System™ Includes

Intimate Designed One-on-One Transformation

You will get my personal touch. This isn't a system where I get you on board and you talk to one of my coaches. You will have full access my loving presence. The coaching calls are broken into two sections. The first section is the Transformational Coaching structure. Where I will be setting a sacred space, where you will be heard, and I will ask you questions designed to unlock your inner genius, create clarity, give you focus and make you realize that you are amazing. The smaller section will be a lesson that is adapted to you from the Joyous Expansion Transformation System. Finally, you will be left with a homework assignment to take your session to a whole new level. You will leave each session refreshed, pumped and ready to take the day. You will not be the same after six months of coaching with me.

Unprecedented Digital Access

Learning is a lifetime pursuit. All of my lifetime clients get lifetime digital access to me. This means, you can e-mail me and I will personally respond to your e-mail at my earliest convince for life. No matter how "big" I get. My goal is not to up sell my lifetime clients, to get you into the program and sell you a bunch of programs. That is why my gift to you as one of my lifetime client is all of my digital online programs. If I do a live session 10-week seminar, you will be able to download the recordings. Even if I become HUGE and develop a $10,000 online program, you will still get the recording. As of this moment when you become a lifetime client will get digital copies of Joyous Expansion: Unleashing Your Passions to Lead an Inspired Life and Power to Change. Plus they will get access to my two online courses, Unleash Your Passions in 10 Days™ and the Emotion Elation Engine™. I do this to continually support your growth.

The Three Flavors of the Transformation System

Joyous Expansion Transformation

Transformation is for you if you are someone who is wanting a big change. You want to look back in 6 months and wonder how naive you have been. Transformation is a six-month course because that is the minimum time it takes to create a lifetime transformation. You will have three intimate designed one-on-one sessions with me on Skype or over the phone. Each one will be a combination of Transformational Coaching and lesson. You will have a homework assignment after each session to drive in your transformation. The sessions will be forty minutes in length, with a week off at the end of the month.

Joyous Expansion Maintenance

Maintenance is for you if you are someone who has gone through the Transformation, want to continue coaching, however, do not feel you need to go through all of Transformation process again. Maintenance can also be used for you if you are looking for a cheaper option. You will still get great change. You will get one thirty minute coaching session a month for six-months.

Joyous Expansion Boost

I have since made my commitment to the rest of my professional life to allow you to live with more joy in your life and help you to live in joy as you embrace your passions. Life is too short to not live your passions and too rare to not go for it.

Life Coach Brett Dupree 2015 Best Professional Services Award

Intention! Act! Celebrate! Embracing that will change your life! #Joy #HappyLife #Woohoo

Posted by Brett Dupree - Joyous Expansion Life Coaching on Wednesday, February 11, 2015

When you celebrate the little things, life is one big celebration - Brett Dupree

Posted by Brett Dupree - Joyous Expansion Life Coaching on Thursday, January 22, 2015

About Joyous Expansion

Profession Coach At Show

The Spark of Joyous Expansion

The reason I started Joyous Expansion is this business is me. Joyous Expansion is who I am. Joyous Expansion fills my pores. I love it. I love speaking in front of people. I love providing a space for someone to discover their inner genius. I love filling myself with joy and sharing that with the world. It is what I was born to do. I feel that in my bones. I love personal development

I started my business in 2008 while I was doing everything I could to transform myself, I wrote a MySpace blog. My friends loved it so much and suggested that I look into life coaching. Of course, I thought, "What, you can make a living doing this.?" I never looked back. Running my own business has been the ultimate personal development experience as almost everything about running a business is outside of my comfort zone. I know I can never stop, because I love personal transformation.

In my car, I listen to audio books. alone, I have listened to over 2,000 hours of thought leaders. I know I have at least tripled that amount of time in other audio formats. I have read many books as well. I got certified in the transformational coaching model by coaching school Invite Change, where they gave me the name, The Champion of Authentic Joy. I also became an Infinite Possibilities Trainer as well as been to many other seminars and talks. In fact, one of my bucket list items is to take a year off of working and just do nothing but seminars for a year. I love personal development, I love self-help

My desire is to help create a heart-based society. The best way I can do that is to increase the joy of my clients. People are like bells. When one of them raises their vibrations, the vibrations of the bells around them also raise. Which means when I coach people to transform, not only am I transforming their lives, I am also transforming the lives of the people around them, which transforms the people around them creating a Joyous Expansion!

Who Exactly is Inspirational Life Coach Brett Dupree

A defining moment in my life was when I turned 26. I looked at my life and I noticed how I was closer to 30 than I was 20. The math makes sense to someone in their mid-20s. Here I was, approaching 30 and I did not like my life. I did not have any hope of a relationship, my career wasn’t what I wanted it to be and I felt like I was stuck in a prison of fear. That is when I decided that I was going to change my life.

The person I was before I made my transformation would never start his own business or even speak in front of people. I was a person of fear. One of my biggest fears was talking to strangers. I can remember the anxiety I felt when I went to a place where I knew no one. An example would be in a situation where someone would wave at me and I wasn't sure if they were waving back. That would cause a full panic attack as if I did not wave back, then they would think I was rude, however if they were not waving at me and I did wave back, I would be embarrassed. I couldn't look behind because they would know, and if someone else was back there, they would know too. I was a bundle of anxiety. I was someone very unhappy.

My mother abandoned me when I was eight years old. This was a defining point in my life. I spent the next 18 years doing everything I could to make sure I never feel that pain again. I never felt close to people. I hated being touched as touch was too intimate. I felt stuck in my own little ball. Anytime things would get rough or vulnerable I would hide away. I was a very miserable person who just existed.

My 26th birthday holds a very significant meaning to me. In fact, my 26th birthday has become my second birthdate. At that time, I made the decision to transform my life. I picked up anything I could that I believe could help me. Since then I have transformed.

I am more confident than I have ever been before. I am also filled with more joy. Life is magical to me now. It is hard to imagine being the person I was just over 10 years ago. In fact, if you met me then, you wouldn’t even recognize me. I look people in the eye when I talk to them, in fact, I actually feel close to people. I am living my vision and I will never stop. I am taking chances and some of them have worked out and I have learned from the ones that haven’t. The words "give up" is not in my lexicon because I know this is my path. This is what I am meant to do. I have never felt more joy in my life than I do right now. Even when I am down, I know I will get back up. At my worst times now, I feel better than my best times before. I feel authentic joy.

I have since made my commitment to the rest of my professional life to allow you to live with more joy in your life and help you to live in joy as you embrace your passions. Life is too short to not live your passions and too rare to not go for it.

Inspirational Life Coach Brett Dupree

Frequently Asked Questions

If you show up for the calls, participate, and do your homework, there is no way you will not gain signficant changes in your life. You will get to the point of looking back and wondering how naive you were due to all of your breakthroughs and new thoughts. You are going to go within and change. You could try your hardest not to change, however if you do not want to change, why would you make the investment in yourself to become better?

When you get the Transformation package, you will have 18 sessions. The goal would be to have those sessions the first three weeks, with having a free week at the end. The final week is when I do my major marketing push and replenish my energy. It will also be used for make up sessions if need be. If you are unable to make it, please give 24 hours notice. We will either skip that week or reschedule. You will not lose one of your sessions. A session might be forfeited by chronic lateness. My time, like your time is valuable. I will respect yours, as you will respect mine. I may have to miss a week due to an event, sickness or training. I will give you notice as soon as I know. We will plan accordingly. For Maintenance, all six calls will be scheduled individually.

It is important that you make a commitment to your transformation. The money you pay is part of the declaration for change. Saying that, if it is mutually agreed that working together will not work after one month, I will refund your money minus the amount of the value of Maintenance.


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