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In the era that we live in today expanding the mind has never been more important. The amount of information available is amazing and increases everyday. The nice part about our era is that information readily available. With the availability of more books and the wonderful Internet even the common man can get an education that 200 years ago would only be available for the wealthy elite.

With more and more information available, it is more important and easier than ever to expand our minds and constantly learn new things. Not learning something new causes our brains to stagnate. A stagnated brain will lead to a stagnated life. According to Magnificent Mind at Any Age by Dr. Amen, humans are able to learn well into our 70s, so there is no excuse not to go out and learn something new.

When you are constantly learning, you will be constantly growing your mind. Growing your mind will allow you to grow your life. There is a wonderful world out there. Also learning about yourself and how to motivate yourself is key to having a life of great expansion. The more you know about yourself, the more you can work with you to accomplish all of the goals you want to accomplish.

Another aspect of expanding the mind is training the mind for success and happiness. Expanding my mind with learning and training have been essential for me to love my life. For years, I trained my mind to see what is wrong with my life. Paying attention to the people, places and things that I do not want in my life caused me to bring in more things I do not want into my life. Training the unconscious mind to pay attention to the joy in my life has worked wonders in my daily joy. I am also able to see opportunities for improvements instead of just seeing what is wrong. An example of the phenomenon is the new car effect. When you buy a new car, all of a sudden it seems like the new car you just bought is everywhere. That is because there is a part of your mind that works as a filter. There are over 2 million units of sensory information at any given moment. Having to pay attention to all 2 million or so would drive you mad and would be impossible to function day to day. Your mind filters out the important inputs and shows them to the conscious mind. Now that your new car is part of your mind filters as something to pay attention to, your mind now shows that car to your conscious mind. For years I trained my mind to show me how lonely I was, or how broke I am. Now I train my mind for appreciation, joy, friendships, success, and all of the other wonderful things that I want in my life. This is something you can do as well. Your life will be amazing if you adopt this policy.

Adding a touch of joy to learning expansion is finding the sense of purpose in your life. Having a feeling that you were put on this earth for something greater than yourself makes learning that thing a wondrous joy. It brings training the mind into an amazing focus. Instead of just training the mind to be happy, you are training your mind so you can serve humanity with your gift. Living in more joy will be for the benefit of all as you are giving your gift while living your divine purpose.

Contact me today, so we can work together to find your purpose and create a plan to both train your mind for success and to live your purpose with joy and vigor.

Homework of the week:

1. Make it a goal to learn something new in a field that is very important to you. Notice how much fun it is to learn about something that matters to you.
2. A way to train the brain is through affirmations. Create an affirmation for joy such as, “I am magnet for joy.” Repeat this affirmation 10 times in the morning when you wake up. Notice how more joyful events are being noticed by you and how much better you feel.

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