10 Tips to put Law of Attraction in Business

One aspect of business writing I have noticed is the enjoyment some people have for dismissing the Law of Attraction in business. I have read a few business blogs that mention that the Law of Attraction does not work in business because you need to do more than sit on your couch wishing for your business to be successful. When I was researching coaching a few years ago I got a book called, “Getting Started in Personal and Executive Coaching,” I remember a passage about coaches mistakenly relying on the Law of Attraction.

Blogs and books that mention not using the Law of Attraction in business are mistaken. The Law of Attraction can be very helpful in business. These authors are mistaking the Law of Attraction for wishful thinking. They make it seem like the Law of Attraction is me sitting on my couch, visualizing what I want and then having the item poof into my existence. This is a pretty decent explanation of the Law of Attraction. The poof into existence part though is not just having the item appear out of nothing. The poof into existence is me taking steps based on inspired actions. The Law of Attraction can be broken down into three parts. They are focusing on what you want, feeling the best you can about what you want and taking the inspired actions. When your thoughts and emotions are lined up with what you want magic happens. This is very helpful if you are an entrepreneur. Working on your own is much easier when you are inspired. When you are inspired you do not have to motivate yourself to do the actions necessary for your business to succeed. They just flow naturally. When you are inspired you are no longer working. Instead your job becomes your play. How is having your job be your play not helpful for your business?

5 tips for starting your business

The thought of starting your business can be very daunting. You want to keep your thoughts and your emotions lined up with what you desire for your business. Here are some processes if you are not feeling into full emotional alignment with your business.

  1. Play the “wouldn’t it be nice” game. When first starting a business it is easier to focus on what you do not have instead of looking at what you do have or want for your business. It can be very daunting to look into the future at all of the things you want when you have so little. Tell yourself or write a list of what you want and start each sentence with “Wouldn’t it be nice.” This will help align your emotions into what you want. Just telling yourself what you want could cause you to feel negative emotions, however, you cannot feel the negative emotions when you say, “Wouldn’t it be nice.” How can you argue the fact that “Wouldn’t it be nice” if you had great things happen for your business? You can’t.
  2. Positive aspects. Writing down the positive aspects of your chosen business and your ability to perform will focus yourself on what you want and help you feel positive emotions for your goal. When writing down the positive aspects, just write down the positive aspects. Do not justify or apologize for them. Write them down as positive as you can.
  3. Scripting. Just like you are a movie producer and your business is your movie, script how it is going to go down. The more emotions and descriptive words you use in your scripting, the more powerful your script will be. You can script what you do each day as you get up and/or you can write one big script on how the next year is going to go. This is a fun exercise.
  4. Gratitude. Write a gratitude journal for your business or write down five things you have gratitude about when you wake up. When you focus on gratitude, you are training yourself to focus on what you want and how to feel better about your day. Doing this will help put you in a position to receive inspirations for your business.
  5. No plan B. Eliminate your plan B’s. A plan B will only divide your focus into two different directions, with one direction getting the more positive of the focus. Remember the Law of Attraction works with focusing on what you want and feeling great about what you want. When you have a plan B your positive focus is on plan B because you believe that plan B can happen. When you have a plan B you are going to attract plan B into your reality. Instead of inspirations happening for your business, they will happen for your plan B. I’m not saying you should quit your day job. Make having a day job while you are building your business part of plan A.

5 tips for keeping in the flow

Once you feel great about your business it is ideal to keep yourself in the flow. Events will happen and sometimes those events will cause you to feel negative emotions about your business. Here are five easy Law of Attraction tips that will help you keep in the flow for your business. Spending a few minutes each day on one or more of these tasks will help you stay in that positive flow.

  1. Celebrate your victories. Sometimes it is too easy to look at what is going wrong with your business. When you celebrate your victories you will keep focus on what is going right about your business. Remember, if you celebrate every little thing then your life will be one big celebration. Also celebrating is fun and feels good.
  2. Future celebration letter. You do not have to wait for the positive event to happen to celebrate it. When you know what you want you can celebrate it before it even comes to you. Send a friend a celebration letter for your business from the future. It is a good idea to tell your friend beforehand. Make this friend a future celebration buddy. Send each other celebration letters back and forth and amazing things will happen.
  3. Affirmations. Affirmations best serve you when you are already feeling good. Creating affirmations for your business when you are already in the flow will help you stay within the flow. Plus you will be focusing yourself on the you that you know you are. You will reprogram your brain for success while feeling great.
  4. Visualize your ideal business. Visualization also works better when you are already feeling good about your business. When you visualize while you feel in the flow you will not feel the negative emotion that can happen when you are not feeling at your best. Also visualization is much more fun when you are feeling in the flow of your business.
  5. Rampage of Appreciation. Rampages of appreciation are one of the most fun things you can do to help your business. The rampages of appreciation are based on two parts. The first part is the appreciation. You talk to yourself, a mirror or a friend about what you appreciate about your business. What do you love about doing your business? How does it feel when you connect to your customers? Say all of them that come to your mind. The second part is the rampage. This is an explosion of appreciation. Keep going for a few minutes mentioning all of the aspects of your business that you appreciate. Project out the positive feelings the best you can. The more you rampage the better you feel. When you finish your body will be buzzing with pleasure about your business.

These ten tips are just a small sample on how the Law of Attraction can help your business. After you go through the processes you will notice that you will get ideas about your business. The follow through with these ideas will be easier than you have ever experienced. You will change your perspective from motivating yourself through a fear of failure to inspiring yourself with the joy of fun. Your business success will improve and you will enjoy doing it. Remember, life, even the business aspect of it,is meant to be enjoyed.

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