Learn From My Mistake and Think Big

Here is an article that I wrote six months ago. This article fits really well with my Law of Attraction series. This article is about the beginnings of my career as a spiritual life coach. Spiritual Life coaching has changed my life for the better. Thinking big is a wonderful example on how changing my focus on what I desire has changed my perspective. I went from having almost no ideas on how to grow my business to having many ideas. I hope you enjoy my article.

Spiritual Life Coach Brett Dupree Presents: Learn from my mistake and Think BIG

While reading Michele Pariza Wacek’s article 3 Simple Steps to Taking a Quantum Leap in Your Biz, about how to grow your business fast, I had a realization. When I read the first point, “think big” it dawned on me that when it came to my coaching business not only was I not thinking big and going the slow route, I was planning on struggling.

In my research before I decided to become a life coach, I read that there were two different types of coaches, business coaches and life coaches. If I wanted to make money, I would have to be a business coach because they could earn over $1000 an hour. As a life coach, I would be doing well if I earned $150 an hour and would probably top off at $40000 a year.
I did end up making the decision to go for it and become a life coach, however I did not jump in all the way. This is not surprising, because in my current career I was making as much as I was planning on making when I reached the wage ceiling of life coaching. I felt that life coaching was my calling; however the fire was not there no matter how much I told myself it was. The amazing part is not only did I struggle to create my business; I struggled beyond my imagined struggle. Clients who I thought would work with me, did not want to work with me. I would sign up family members to build my experience and they would not want to continue after the first session. I was flabbergasted as to why I was struggling so much.

As I read Wacek’s article it dawned on me that I was struggling because I planned to struggle. Not only that, I am such a powerful creator that I created more struggle then I ever imagined. I asked for and received a struggling life coaching business. Even if by the grace of God Oprah gave me a magical referral and I became rich and famous, with my current belief system I would eventually bring myself back down to the $40000 a year struggling life coaching business.

Well no longer. It is time for me to start dreaming big. I am going to be putting all the Law of Attraction lessons I have learned towards my business. I can feel the energy shifting for me righ

t now as I now imagine myself living a very comfortable life as a six-figure coach

Thinking big is already getting me:

  1. More room to grow my business. Before when I imagined a struggling coaching business the feeling and thought behind the business was confining. The choices of actions to take to grow the business seemed to be so important because there was only so much I could handle. By thinking big the thought of my business is expanding. A $40000 a year coach only does so much; a successful six-figure coach can do anything.
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  2. To follow up on opportunities. Being a small time coach meant that the opportunity would just lead to being a small time coach. The excitement to follow up just was not there. Now I am following up on many more opportunities and actively pursuing clients. I am going to get my hours and get my certification with the ICF because that is a stepping stone to something great.
  3. To notice more opportunities. Thinking small programs my brain to think small. My unconscious mind would not notice when opportunity was knocking at my door. I now allow opportunities to come on in.To accept success. Thinking like a $40000 a year coach would only allow me to accept being a $40000 a year coach. Chances are it would allow me to be an $8000a year coach wishing to be a $40000 a year coach.
  4. More ideas then I have ever imagined. I have had more ideas to grow my business in the last two months than I have had in the previous two years.
  5. To know that failure is not such a big deal. When thinking small each failure was huge, because so much hinged on each idea. When thinking big, each failure is just a stepping stone and allows me to learn what does not work or how to make it work. I am putting the saying, “Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn,” to work.

If you are in a similar position, I invite you to take this leap with me. Think big and notice what shifts inside of you. Imagine your business as more successful than you imagined it to be yesterday and notice what that does for you. You will gain amazing insights into the growth of your business. You and I both will be looking back a year from today surprised at how much has changed.

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    • Alicia on December 15, 2010 at 8:34 pm

    Rock on Brett! I am DEFINITELY with you. Since I started thinking big, so many opportunities have come my way that I am astounded. Just a couple of weeks ago I came across an opportunity created by a coach and trainer for a new business model for coaches which builds in a TON of leverage. So cool!

  1. Keep up the great work Alicia! 🙂

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