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Joy Increasing Action Tip #2:

Take time each day to remember happy thoughts.

You have plenty of times in your past when you have been happy or joyful. There have been times in your life that you have laughed so hard that you almost thought you would never stop. Those times are times to cherish and remember.

When I was in college over 10 years ago, (man has it been that long?), I read a study that stated that there is more long term happiness spending money on going out to dinner with friends than using that same amount of money to purchase an item. That study really surprised me because I thought there would be more long term happiness on the item. Especially if the item was a video game system. Now that I have done some research I understand why that is. When you hang out with friends in a setting that is fun, there are a lot of chemicals that are produced in your brain that create the happy feelings. Every time you remember that dinner with friends, the same chemicals are released in your brain.

That means that when you remember a happy memory, you are giving yourself a shot of happy drugs. For now, these drugs are completely legal and free. All you have to do is remember a happy memory. Spending a few minutes, each day and remembering the happy times will increase your joy with no side effects. Well there might be the side effect of wanting to have more fun with your friends. If you are like me, that has the possible side effect of a hangover.

What is one of your happiest memories?

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