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Last weekend I watched an amazingly fun movie named Limitless. Limitless is a movie that stars Bradley Cooper as an aspiring author whose life is transformed when he is introduced to the drug NZT. NZT is a drug that unleashes the mass potential of the brain causing him to be a intelligent super human.

It is impossible to watch the movie and not want to try NZT. Unfortunately in the real world there isn’t a magic drug that will allow us to be super smart. However there are many things we can do in our real life to help unleash the power of our brains so we can get close to super human as we can without a button looking pill.

5 Ways to get the NTZ Experience in Real Life

  1. Exercise: Exercise increases your bloodflow and releases chemicals in the brain that help function. There have been studies that students do better on tests if they exercise in the morning.
  2. Meditation: Studies have shown that meditation allows people to consciously have more control of their brain, handle stress better and also have improve test scores.
  3. Diet: Having a good diet and feeding your brain allows your brain to be more efficient. Omega-3s, like found in fish oil and flax seeds are very good for your brain.
  4. Continual learning: The human body is a machine that gets better with use. That also includes your brain. The more you use your brain, the more your brain will continue to get better and function. The old saying, “You cannot teach an old dog new tricks,” is proving more and more wrong as you should be able to have no problems learning new things all the way into your 70s and maybe beyond with a healthy brain.
  5. Positive Thinking: Positive thinking releases joy chemicals in the brain and allows you to use your frontal cortex. Your frontal cortex allows you to be more human than animal and think through situations.
Following those 5 steps will allow your brain to work at is peak efficiency. You will not be super human like Bradley Cooper, however you will improve your intelligence which will improve your quality of life. 
If you would like more information on the subject I highly recommend these books.
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