December Look Back – Party Rockers in the House Tonight

Last blog was about looking at the areas that you want to improve. The goals you came up a little short on. There are many blogs and information on how to use the negatives in your life to improve. That is why people triumph hitting rock bottom so they can improve their lives. You do not want to fall into the trap of just looking at the pain to improve. The biggest downfall of this behavior is that you will need that pain to improve your life. Life is a constant growth. Embrace that the only thing in life that is constant is change. It is your choice if you need negatives to change or if you can also use the amazing positive aspects of your life.

With that idea it is important to celebrate your life. As stated in my 8 Keys to Joy, Celebrate your life. After writing the things you come up short on be sure to write down what you did well. What goals you did accomplish, the miracles you manifested, the wonderful joyous aspects of your life and the wins. This allows you to look at your life and notice the things that are going right. Plus you can learn from these and find new more exciting ways to improve your life. You can look how well you did in one aspect of your life and see how you can use that in another aspect. Life isn’t all about paining and then gaining. You can gain from joy.

Personal celebrations

I will share with you my top three celebrations of this year of 2011. Three things that I am celebrating today and learning about what I can accomplish.

1. Making it to District in International Speech Competition: My ability to speak in front of people improved 10 fold during the International speech competition. Winning my club, area and division contests were a huge confidence builder, however the main benefit was the hours I spent honing my speechcraft. It also didn’t hurt that people still come up to me and tell me that their speech touched them.

2. Getting my life coaching certification: What a joy it was to get my life coaching certification and join the culture of coaches. Years of hard work and dedication has paid off. I was able to learn a lot about myself in the process and improve as a person as well as a life coach.

3. Launching a book: Going through the process and actually seeing the book in physical form was a very special thing. So far I have booked two radio interviews and looking forward to a third one in June.

What I learned is that when I set my mind to something and enjoy myself I can accomplish a lot. The joy I felt while going through each process of the top three accomplishments was something special. I loved writing the chapter for the book, going through the speech competition and every class I took through Invite Change.

Intention: With great joy I love accomplishing miracles as I serve humanity.

And remember, CELEBRATE!!!!

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