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Whole 30 Challenge: Week 4

Wow, I am almost done with my challenge. This Friday I will be done with the challenge. It has been very interesting. On a whole I think I did a pretty decent job. I was not perfect. I wasn’t close to perfect. I probably ate more trace sugar meals than I should have. I wasn’t …

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Guest Blog: JOY vs Contentment, Battle Royale, or Not

One of my high school creative writing teachers once told us her father told her “Joy is not something you can constantly keep up. The best you can hope for daily is contentment”. That was harsh. I was devastated. I mulled it over so much, because it was there forever. It was said to me …

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Doing What Serves Me

I now like avocados. I have spent most of my life disliking avocados. So much that dislike avocados was part of my identity. I remember growing up and my sister had the audacity to say that she didn’t like avocados. My sister saying that made me upset, because I was the one who didn’t like …

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