January 2013 archive

Optimal Path: Journey of Love

Ever met someone and in the first few minutes think they were one of the most amazing people you have ever met? Luckily for me I had an amazing experience during my first Life Coaching class, Living your Vision I met at least 3 such people. One of them is Jodi Hyde. When I first …

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You Are Amazing

You are an amazing co-creative being. You have the power to move mountains hidden within you. Yet you might not step up. That is because Our Deepest Fear. If you do not believe it, here is a video that will inspire you to continue.

Week 2 30 Day Challenge Update – Whole9

I have now done 2 weeks of my 30 day challenge. That is 14 days. I am a little disappointed to say that I did have one slip up. At one meal this week not only did I eat rice, I ate a piece of cake. However instead of looking at this slip up as …

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