Cut the Chaff

English: Chaff. A wheat field after the combin...

English: Chaff. A wheat field after the combine has passed. Enough grain is lost amongst the chaff to keep the local pigeons going. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cut the Chaff. Take away all of the parts in your life that does not serve you. Well maybe not everything, but enough. Make it a practice. Once a week ask yourself if this activity is serving your higher purpose. If it is not, cut it.

I am not saying get rid of all trivial pursuits. Sometimes escaping is a good thing. It is good to just have some time when you escape your reality and relax. Those times need to be deliberate. Set up times to relax and relax enough for you to get back on your feet to create the amazing life you want to live.

Sometimes it is tough because the thing to give up is either something you put a lot of work in or something that defined you.

When I gave up cable I did it for money reasons. Now I notice that I am better off without having cable. I still watch TV, however now when I watch TV it isn’t just mindlessly watching TV. There is something specifically I want to watch. Without meaning to I was able to cut a mindless time sink. I still have other mindless time sinks. Like the internet. Still having one less time sink has been very positive in keeping me on track.


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  1. We gave up tv completely two years ago for Lent. We played Scrabble and read lots of books and it was quite enjoyable.

  2. I gave up TV when I was 14 and picked it up again after my divorce at 44…then I went to India and gave it up again in 2006. Now I only watch The Bachelor on Hulu, and stuff like Ted Talks or clips on Youtube. I do think TV is evil in some ways–it is addictive and empty…so yay for us for giving up the "programming"!

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