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It is a brand new year!
Just like anyone else who is human I am always learning. Yes, always being, always becoming. One of my favorite teachers, Andy Dooley, brought up a new process I have never heard before with a weird name, WOOP.

I looked up more information¬†because that is what I do when I learn something that can make me a more wonderful person. I am ever so humble. There was an interview with¬†Gabriele Oettingen labeled, “the dangers of positive thinking.” All of the comments were talking about how this is the nail in the coffin of positive thinking.

At first, I was on edge. Was Gabriele’s research going to cause me to throw away one of the tools I teach with all my clients? After calming down and listening with an open mind, I came to the conclusion, no.

Cover of the Soundtrack to 'Welcome to Woop Woop'.

Cover of the Soundtrack to ‘Welcome to Woop Woop’. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For one, she talks about how if you just use positive thinking, you are less motivated to go for what you want because you already think you have accomplished it without any problem. That you should imagine yourself reaching your end goal, however then take some time to think of some obstacle. After you think of an internal obstacle that will come up. After that, you give yourself a process that you are going to do when that happens. Wish, observation, obstacle, process. WOOP.

It is my opinion that seeing your obstacle and making a plan is positive thinking. Thinking everything is going to work out is fantasy thinking.

I suggest that you look up WOOP or at least next time you do your visualization that you


think of some internal obstacles and how you are going to push through them. I know it is something I am doing at this moment!

Another week and I still love you for reading my newsletter. I wish you a happy holiday season and I hope your day is full of love.

Be Love!
Be Joy!
Be Awesome!


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