More Inspiration From Back Pain

I still appreciate you! I hope your day is going special.

More wisdom from my back pain. The joy of life is that there is a lesson to everything that happens in life.

Two weeks ago, I wrote you about my back pain and how pushing through the pain to alleviate my back pain, was a good metaphor for pushing through the pain of changing your mindset to start a business and live your passions.

In the last month, I have experienced little to no back pain. In fact, when I lay down with my knees on my couch, when I get up, I feel amazing. I am so proud of myself.  However, history has shown me that, this can be a trap.

If I want to keep the back pain away, I should continue to do the exercises. However, if I continue to use pain as a motivator, then I will stop doing the exercises. That is because the pain is gone. Here is another metaphor.

Sometimes in life, pain can get you started, however, the pain is not that great for keeping you going. When you reach the point where you no longer feel the pain or that you are fine with the current level, then you will find it hard to keep going. You can try to remember the pain to the point where you start feeling the pain again. The danger of that is that soon you will associate the action you need to do to improve your life with pain.

For instance, if you are trying to lose weight and you look yourself in the mirror to yell at yourself to the point where you feel bad enough to feel motivated to work out, soon you will associate working out with feeling bad. Then exercise will become a burden and fear will be your motivator.

It does not have to be that way. You can use inspiration and celebration to keep you going. Feel good about where you are and imagine yourself at the finish line having an amazing time. Now when I do my back exercises, I celebrate the fact that my back feels great, that I am becoming more flexible, and I am looking at myself in the future with a strong healthy back.

Remember, when you hit the point where you are starting to feel relief with your change, it is time to switch over to inspiration. Use the joy of accomplishment to keep you excited and loving your goals. Soon, you will see great changes while feeling more joy. Hooray!

Of course, I am using my Emotion Elation Engine to keep me looking forward and feeling great. A course that is designed to use visualization and anchoring from NLP to align your emotions with your desires. I have used this technique to go from being afraid to speak in public, to enjoy speaking in public.


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Much love to you, my friend! Keep on living your dreams and creating a Joyous Expansion by being a beacon of hope to the people around you. I am proud of you and your positive actions.




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