Are You a Natural Entrepreneur?

Are you natural at selling? Do you find being an entrepreneur comes naturally to you? Does the act of networking, public speaking, and prospecting new clients fill you with joy?

If your answer is no to any of those questions, you are not alone. I have a confession to make. I am not a natural entrepreneur.

I have had a few coaches in my time to help me through the struggle of building a business. They keep on using metaphors such as, “You are either a government worker or an entrepreneur.” or calling people who aren’t muggles, like in the movie Harry Potter. There I was sitting in the seat thinking to myself, “I am a government working muggle.”

A Ravenclaw/Slytherin Muggle Quidditch game pl...

A Ravenclaw/Slytherin Muggle Quidditch game played between Millikin University students. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

E-mailing my newsletter, booking speaking events, networking, book selling, and marketing do not come naturally to me. In fact, for the longest time, these activities would drain me and cause me to want to quit. However, I cannot quit because I have a passion and love what I do.

So the question I had is what do I do about not being a natural?

The answer changed my mindset. When you get your mindset around your desires, you can move mountains. There is nothing you cannot accomplish when you get in the right frame of mind. In fact, selling and marketing are skills. If they can be skills, they can be learned. You just need to get in the mindset where you are open and willing to learn and willing to suck at it when you are starting out. As Jake the Dog said in Adventure Time, “Sucking at something is the first step to being kind of good at it.”

One way I have changed my mindset around is using my
Emotion Elation Engine. A course that is designed to use visualization and anchoring from NLP to align your emotions with your desires. I have used this technique help me get excited about networking and make sure the experience does not leave me feeling empty. In fact, it has helped me turn my business to leaving me empty to leaving me elated! Because of the Emotion Elation Engine, I am excited about it.


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