July 10, 2020 archive

Joyous Expansion Podcast Transcript Brett Dupree – Lessons Learned After 75 Podcasts And Celebration!

[00:00:28.940] – Brett Dupree Today is a special seventy-fifth episode extravaganza ganza ganza. Part of me wants to sing the Jamie Foxx song extravaganza, but unfortunately, I think I’m the only person who likes that song or one of them is one of those songs. [00:00:46.670] – Brett Dupree You ever had an album and …

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Joyous Expansion Podcast Transcript Samantha Ruberto – Attain Clarity, Alignment, And Confidence To Live Your Best Life

[00:00:00.150] – Brett Dupree Hello, Samantha, and welcome to my podcast. [00:00:03.180] – Samantha Ruberto Hello, Brett. And thank you, I’m glad to be here. [00:00:05.870] – Brett Dupree How are you doing on this fun morning? [00:00:07.950] – Samantha Ruberto I’m good. I am having a really, beautiful day. Woke up with lots of …

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