July 25, 2020 archive

Joyous Expansion Podcast Transcript Jill Celeste – Embrace Your Role as Director of Marketing

Brett Dupree: Hello, Jill. Celeste, welcome to my podcast. Jill Celeste: Well, thank you for having me, Brett Dupree. It’s good to be here. Brett Dupree: Ah, yeah, it’s nice to see you again, I guess, or hear you again. So it says here that you are a founder of the celestial circle and an …

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Joyous Expansion Podcast Transcript Sujit Lalwani – Founder of Inspirational Unlimited, A Source of Positive News

Brett Dupree: Hi Sujit, welcome to my podcast. Sujit Lalwani: Oh, it’s a pleasure being with you, Brett. I am looking forward to what we can together, you know, bring for listeners. Brett Dupree: You said you’ve been an entrepreneur about 16 years in your life. Sujit Lalwani: Yes. Oh, as an I would say …

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Joyous Expansion Podcast Transcript Liz Ophoven – Holistic Mystic – Transformation Through Sacred Cacao

[00:00:00.090] – Brett Dupree Hello, Liz, and welcome to my podcast, awesome. [00:00:04.180] – Liz Ophoven Hi. [00:00:05.150] – Brett Dupree I am excited to have you on. I’ve known you for four or five years now. [00:00:09.570] – Liz Ophoven Yeah, I think it’s been a while [00:00:11.610] – Brett Dupree for the listeners …

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