Joyous Expansion Podcast Transcript Samantha Ruberto – Attain Clarity, Alignment, And Confidence To Live Your Best Life

[00:00:00.150] – Brett Dupree

Hello, Samantha, and welcome to my podcast.

[00:00:03.180] – Samantha Ruberto

Hello, Brett. And thank you, I’m glad to be here.

[00:00:05.870] – Brett Dupree

How are you doing on this fun morning?

[00:00:07.950] – Samantha Ruberto

I’m good. I am having a really, beautiful day. Woke up with lots of energy. I had a killer morning routine and I just feel set up for the day to unfold in a nice way.

[00:00:20.910] – Brett Dupree

That’s so cool. So, this is in your intro that you’re a podcast or mindset coach and a travel junkie who wants a month before that.

[00:00:29.820] – Samantha Ruberto

Who was I? Before that, I was essentially the same girl. But I had different layers on top of me. So that’s what I’ll say. I’ve always been this girl who I am even more now. It’s just if I were to go back five-plus years, my life looked very, very different. I was a real her working 24/7 in a long-term relationship in the grind of the go, go, go of everyday work life on the outside.

[00:00:59.160] – Samantha Ruberto

It was very much the white picket fence. I was checking all of the boxes. As I said, long term relationships, a successful career, had all the things that go on vacation, happy to fly home. But I remember one day between my appointments, I was driving mindlessly. There was a song playing in the background and I sort of in that state of conscious subconscious when you’re kind of just like zoned out. And suddenly, this little voice within me whispered.

[00:01:25.050] – Samantha Ruberto

Life isn’t fun and lives supposed to be fun. You’re 27 years old. Is this how you want to live the rest of your life? And when it hit me, brat, as I tell you all this that I was driving, it was like, whoa, what was that? And I slow down. I just. What was that? When I got to my desk at my appointment, I finished that. I remember I went back home and I really slowed things down and I listened when I did and when I gave myself the space to ask, is this how I want to live the rest of my life?

[00:01:54.840] – Samantha Ruberto

The answer was a clear no. And it was really difficult, to be honest because I was doing all of the things that you should do. I was checking off society’s boxes, but something deep down within me wasn’t really happy. Then created space in my life. I took space away from my partner. I took time off of my career. And I just said, like, what is it that you really want? And when I sat with it and meditated on it, I realized that I needed to experience more, that I needed to experience the world.

[00:02:22.640] – Samantha Ruberto

I was from Thunder Bay, a small little Canadian town on the shores of Lake Superior. Everything I had known up to that point was really a reflection of the environment that I have lived in here.

[00:02:32.160] – Samantha Ruberto

And when I thought about it, it was like the world can offer you so much and you don’t even know what’s out there. So, I think it’s time to go. Just find out for yourself. I proceeded to book a one-way ticket to Thailand. I’d never backpacked. I had never been to Asia. I had never traveled alone. And I was just like, you know what? I’m going on the adventure of my life. When the wheels of the plane took off of the tarmac, I was so scared that I started to cry.

[00:02:58.770] – Samantha Ruberto

I was sitting there on the plane, tears rolling down my face. I remember the stewardess came up like, Ma’am, are you OK? I’m like, I’m fine. It’s OK. And I was just like, holy ****. I don’t know. Sorry, Holly. I headed up. I can say that word on here, but. Oh, my gosh. What am I doing? Where am I going to even have a plan? But looking back now, it’s like that initial trip five years ago was the best decision of my life because then it proceeded one trip to the other, to the other, to the other.

[00:03:24.240] – Samantha Ruberto

And then since then, I’ve been to over 50 countries, experienced a whole lot of the world, and really just my life is completely different than it was at the time.

[00:03:32.610] – Brett Dupree

Looking back, what does it feel that you’re missing in your white picket fence life?

[00:03:37.770] – Samantha Ruberto

You know what? I really don’t think I gave myself space at that time to tune into my heart and my purpose and what really lit me up on a deep soul level. I have a very traditional upbringing. I came from a really good family. I went to graduate from high school, went away to university, came back home, got a career with successful I just one thing in front of the other. It’s like I did the next thing that you were supposed to do without even ever tuning in and giving myself the space to say, like, what does Samantha want?

[00:04:10.380] – Samantha Ruberto

What impact does she want to have on the world? What is it that she wants to experience? I was basically just taking all of the things that you should be doing and doing those things. And yet underneath it all, it’s just like I wasn’t happy. I wasn’t in alignment. I recalibrated. I would say, like, I really just stripped everything away, tuned in to what I wanted, and then recalibrated the direction that I was going.

[00:04:30.660] – Brett Dupree

You talk about checking inside these boxes and what you’re supposed to do next. I was curious about how you feel about the kind of the boxes society does trade to places.

[00:04:42.120] – Samantha Ruberto

So, this is really funny. And this is an interesting period in my life because as I mentioned, I went to over 50 countries and I would go to these places, whether it was like Colombia or Vietnam or Iceland or Australia. And I would see all these different ways that people would live in different cultures, different religions. Different foods, different clothing, different languages. And it was so fascinated with all of these different ways to exist. I realized on a deep level that no way was right or wrong.

[00:05:10.530] – Samantha Ruberto

I remember I was on the Mekong River going on a boat. I was a public boat. There is a group vessel. We’re traveling from one place to the other. Every so often as we’re going down this river in Cambodia, the boat, which is pulled over to the side and it would look like you were like in the middle of nowhere. And then a family would just jump off like they knew where they were going and then just walk through these bushes and go off.

[00:05:30.060] – Samantha Ruberto

And then you would keep going like almost like a bus stop here. My friends, I was looking more like, where the heck would these people go and where are they living? What are they doing? You look at the smile on their face and they have literally nothing compared to what we have. And they’re happy and they’re playful and they’re fun. And they’re just it really sparked this curiosity of what is important in life. So when I would come back home from these trips and see all these different ways of existing and living, and I’d look at the nine to five and I’d look at the way that I was living my life here, and I started questioning the things that I would just naturally do, my habits that I had and the routines.

[00:06:03.000] – Samantha Ruberto

And I just started asking myself, is, this is absolute. Is this what I must do? Do I have to go back in and come back home and get into the routine that I was always in? Or do I have a choice? Or if something doesn’t feel right, could I say I’m not going to do that? I don’t really want to do that. So, I don’t really want to do that and then start cultivating life on my terms.

[00:06:22.470] – Samantha Ruberto

And the more that I did that, the more I realized that life opened up and blossomed in ways that I couldn’t have even expected.

[00:06:27.760] – Brett Dupree

That’s so cool one thing that’s interesting is actually. You have this perfect life. This job. This long-term relationship. Checking the boxes. And, parents like it when their kids check the boxes. So how did your family react to you stepping out?

[00:06:42.450] – Samantha Ruberto

So I grew up a little bit of with an untraditional family. My father traveled to Cuba lots when we were growing up. My mother did travel lots, but not to the extent that I took it. So I do come from a bit of a risk. They’re open to the world. And to be honest, I am really grateful that my parents just trusted me. They really didn’t question what I was doing. And I think a part of it is because I had built up my own success with real estate when I was in real estate.

[00:07:08.880] – Samantha Ruberto

I was very successful. I was able to buy a couple of properties. I was working very hard. I was doing all the things that I was always very independent. So when I went and did this, I was just I’m going to do this. It’s not going to make sense to you, but you need to trust me. And then I went off. I mean, there were moments where weeks would go by and I might now call home because you do when you’re traveling, you’re so in the moment, like you just kind of forget to call mom and dad because you’re on the beach in Thailand having the time your life and meeting new friends and going here and experiencing that.

[00:07:34.980] – Samantha Ruberto

And you really. Days go by it, I think because you’re so inflow and so at the moment. So, like, the only problem I really had with them when they were like, are you OK? Can you check it? Like, what’s going on? Please keep us in touch if you’re gonna go on this crazy adventure across the planet. And the more that I did it with them, the one thing is, the more that I went to, the more trips I took, the more they trusted me.

[00:07:54.180] – Samantha Ruberto

And the more they realized that when I would come back, they saw this other thing sparked in me. I think secretly they were really, really proud.

[00:08:01.240] – Brett Dupree

So I’m curious what got you into wanting to become a coach?

[00:08:05.970] – Samantha Ruberto

So for me, it was a mindset thing. When I would go out and have these incredible experiences, I come back home and people would always ask me, how? How are you traveling? How are you doing this? How are you living your life this way? And at this point, for me, it just become it felt like it was easy because as I went on these experiences, I developed different mindsets, tricks, tips, tools, read interesting books, got different perspectives.

[00:08:28.140] – Samantha Ruberto

And it was really able to peel back the layers of my own limiting beliefs of my own boxes that I was putting myself in. The more I walked that path, the easier I saw that it was when I talked to friends back home in my small little town, Thunder Bay. They’d often share how they could never do it, how they wouldn’t be able to because of this, this, this, this says. And for me, I just thought from such a different angle, I was.

[00:08:50.260] – Samantha Ruberto

Yeah. About what? About, you know, why are you even setting yourself up that way? What if. Why couldn’t you? Why not. And then they would tell me the reason and it’s a yea but. What about this. I just started bringing a fresh perspective to people and little by little the conversations I was having with my friends, they began to sort of dot pause and then look at their lives a bit differently. And I just noticed for me the mindset that I had and body that I took on to go on the adventure.

[00:09:14.940] – Samantha Ruberto

I really embodied it. It was living it day by day, and people around me constantly sorted of inspired or conversations we’d have. They’d message me and say, thank you so much. I really thought about this differently. I’m going to try this or do that or go for that job or ask that person out because life is short. Why not right? It’s just I realized on a deep level because I was living that truth because I was living this way of just being unapologetically myself and showing up like that.

[00:09:41.520] – Samantha Ruberto

I was giving the people around me permission to peel back their layers and to do the same. Little by little, book by book, I just became more and more passionate with mindset, the power that we all have to create, the lives that we want and to really go after the thing. So it really came from a place of wanting to help others step into their power and realize their unlimited ability and truth and energy that would support them as long as they would take the steps and take those leap of faith towards the things that they wanted.

[00:10:12.600] – Brett Dupree

Is there anything you had to do with your mindset to be able to shift to helping others?

[00:10:17.490] – Samantha Ruberto

Oh, a lot. I mean, there are so many different things I had to do. It wasn’t an easy journey, but it was a journey and it was a journey worth walking. I had to pack so much stuff, Brett, so many different things. I had to question where do I even start? Every single day I would journal, I’d write. So write out journal. I don’t know if you’ve heard of morning pages.

[00:10:37.110] – Samantha Ruberto

So essentially, the journaling has been my biggest tool to help process over the past five years. There are three things that I really find very beneficial. One is a gratitude list. So every single morning writing out five things that I’m grateful for. And then every single evening ending it with five things I’m grateful for. So what that does for me is that with an anchor, my day in looking at life from a positive lens, instead of just waking up and letting this subconscious brain take over and going to the same mindset that I would possess before I was putting in these little tricks to help uplift and shift my perspective.

[00:11:13.500] – Samantha Ruberto

So gratitude lists are one of the most best beneficial things you can do. And they do say that gratitude is the ultimate form of receivership. If you can tap into a space of gratitude and love and just present in the moment, you can elevate your energy and then attract the things that you want. So by doing that every single day, I noticed I could shift my energy from a place of why I shouldn’t or why I can’t. To how can I do this? How can I get that? So that’s one thing.

[00:11:42.670] – Samantha Ruberto

The second thing I would do is it’s a process called morning pages. So morning pages. It’s from the book The Artist’s Way by Julie Cameron. It’s a fantastic book for anybody who wants to tap into their creativity, who wants to bring playback into their life and tap into their inner joy. Essentially, what you do is every single morning you, Free-Flow, write for three pages straight, so you just brain dump whatever it is that’s on your mind in the morning.

[00:12:08.610] – Samantha Ruberto

Today, before I did it, actually before this interview, I woke up. It was a beautiful day. I’m excited for the interview. Like I just went about my day just for anything that was coming to me that came through me. I dumped it on the page. And what that does is almost like meditation. People don’t realize, but we get between 60 and 80 thousand thoughts pinging our brains every single day. Could you imagine your phone ping, ping, ping, bing, bing, bing, bing.

[00:12:32.340] – Samantha Ruberto

Eighty thousand times. So that’s what’s actually happening to our brain. But we’re not really aware of it because. Ninety-five percent of those thoughts are actually in our subconscious mind underneath the surface. And those are the old pattern that are replaying. So when you do a process like morning pages, you’re actually giving space for those subconscious thoughts to come out and to bring awareness to them on your page. Another way of doing this is through meditation. I’m a huge advocate of meditation.

[00:12:59.760] – Samantha Ruberto

Meditation has completely shifted. My perspective has completely changed my life. And I honestly believe that meditation has the capacity to change our world. What morning pages does is it creates space within your mind. It creates space within what’s going on within your soul. And when you have space within that place, you have more capacity to see things differently, to be more creative, to play and have fun, and approach life with that different lens.

[00:13:29.090] – Samantha Ruberto

And the third thing I did with journaling was clarity. Like I would write for clarity if I ever have a question, something that really, really bothered me that I just didn’t know the answer to, didn’t felt like I knew I would write on the page. What the question was, what the challenge was. And then I put the pen down. I’d connect to my higher power, my higher source. I’d ask for the universe to help me with it. And then I would pick up a different color pen and I would actually write that answer down every single time I did this process.

[00:13:58.440] – Samantha Ruberto

I would get an answer to the question or the overwhelm or the anxiety that I had that came from a certain place of the source of a higher truth that would navigate my path. Those are three things that I really did to help work on my mindset, to work through my mindset. But it’s a journey. Personal development is not like a one-shot. And you’re either through it. It is a journey. It is an everyday commitment, but it is a beautiful journey because you really do see the magic in life and how if you’re willing to be open and come to life with a place of love, her life will support you in the things that you want to create and do and dream.

[00:14:36.180] – Brett Dupree

What were the main thoughts you had to switch that you had to work through?

[00:14:42.630] – Samantha Ruberto

When I first started traveling, as I said, I was a realtor. I was busy and I identified with being busy, being important, you know like I was really busy. I had lots of clients. My phone was always ringing and I always had a million things. I was multitasking. So busy to me equaled important and. Good and successful. So that was one huge shift was letting go of the busy monster and one hack that I had as a realtor when my phone was pinging at me constantly was turning my phone on silent.

[00:15:11.730] – Samantha Ruberto

I remember that the moment that I literally looked at my phone and I’m like, I am not going to do this anymore. I am not going to be a slave to this device. And even though this is my lifeline and my way of making money in my career, I’m going to take charge of it. I remember I like, you know, just put it on silent. Put it down. And that was a huge mindset shift because then I felt like I got my time back.

[00:15:33.000] – Samantha Ruberto

I didn’t feel like I was a slave to my phone. That was a huge mindset shift. I also realized that the less busy I was, the more productive I was. I started to close more deal clients respected my time more. I was more efficient. So that was a really, really big mindset shift. Another one I had was guilt. I dealt with so much guilt when I had first initially gone traveling because my clients needed me and I had to be there.

[00:16:01.860] – Samantha Ruberto

And like I said, the phone, the 20. You’d been there available 24 hours a day. Imagine shutting it off and being like, I’m going for three months and I’m not sure how things are going to work when I come back. But I’m just going to have faith that they will. And by giving myself that time and that space to just put me first, I could fill my own cup from the inside. And it was like this overflowing joy and love that I had tapped into so that when I came back and to serve my clients, I was coming from such an overflowing, abundant place that everything fell into place.

[00:16:32.010] – Samantha Ruberto

If that makes sense, do you. Do you ever experience that? Do you. Do you know what I mean? So those are two big things dealing with guilt and dealing with the busyness of life. And the important thing is to attach that.

[00:16:43.410] – Brett Dupree

So what does it look like? Working with you?

[00:16:45.680] – Samantha Ruberto

You know, I’ve been talking about real estate a lot because that’s where a lot of my story had started. But now, like as a mindset coach, essentially, I tell all my clients I’m not here to fix you. Nobody here needs to be fixed. What I am here to do is to hold space for you and to see the love, the light, and the potential that you are. I tell people when they are, especially when they’re first looking to get a coach and they’ve never had coaching and they haven’t had stepped into that space of seeking outside support.

[00:17:16.380] – Samantha Ruberto

It is so important that you find someone who is gentle and who has discernment, who has good judgment about what it is that you’re gonna be bringing to the table. Because we’ve been judged our entire lives from society, from our parents are teachers, everything else. It’s like without even realizing there’s constantly these judgments cast. Those in turn create limiting beliefs and cause these patterns that kind of hold us back when it comes to coaching someone and bringing them into the safe container.

[00:17:44.760] – Brett Dupree

One thing that I think is super important is that there is zero judgment. I am here just to see you for your dreams, for the possibility, for everything that you want to create and help energetically hold your hand and keep you accountable to take the steps to make those things happen. My clients have completely changed their lives. And they always every single one of them always says, I thought I came to you for this. But what I really need was this whole other thing that I didn’t even realize was there.

[00:18:12.480] – Samantha Ruberto

And looking back, it’s just such a gift to be able to serve people in that capacity and help people see the lights that they truly are. You know, we were talking about before this podcast about Lightworkers and turning up your light so that you can reflect that light to the world. The world becomes a lighter and brighter place.

[00:18:30.540] – Brett Dupree

I love it.

[00:18:31.220] – Samantha Ruberto


[00:18:31.490] – Brett Dupree

What do you like about being a mindset coach?

[00:18:34.300] – Samantha Ruberto

The best thing about being a mindset coach is the ripple effect. Oh, it’s definitely the ripple effect. And, you know, even with podcasting, because, you know, with the podcast as well, it’s the fact that you can have this one conversation, this one moment with someone, whether it is a fly on the wall. Listen to our conversation right now or the person that I’m coaching one to one, they have this shift and you never know what that shift is going to create or what that shift is going to do.

[00:19:00.270] – Samantha Ruberto

And I really do believe that the details of life matter and the smile that you can give a stranger down a street or hold a door or send someone a nice message, everything has a ripple effect. And not knowing the difference that it’s actually making in the world, but knowing that it’s coming from a place of love and knowing that it is making a difference is the best part about it.

[00:19:21.950] – Brett Dupree

Do you have a podcast? Hello. Beautiful. Yes. What’s it like being a podcast host?

[00:19:29.520] – Samantha Ruberto

Being a podcast host is so fun. I know you get to connect with really cool people all around the world who are following their passions and their creativity and just really showing up in their capacity with serving the world. What do you think? How is it being a podcast host for you?

[00:19:47.700] – Brett Dupree

The thing that surprised me most about being a podcast host is the variety of stories. Talking to people like you had a pretty good upbringing, but still wanted more. Or talking to a person who was a crack addict, homeless on the street, and then became mindset. Coach, you never know how someone gets to where they are in each story is fascinating in their own right.

[00:20:07.590] – Samantha Ruberto

Totally. When the connections you can make right. And it kind of goes back to the ripple effect. But I just said it’s like you don’t know the impact that you’re having. But if you put a positive message out there, if you are putting that positive post, you change in the world. One episode at a time. One thing that people like I find when I talk to podcasters, they can somehow get caught up on numbers, you know, and they’re like, oh, you know, I wish I had more views or I wish I got more this or I wish I had more.

[00:20:32.040] – Samantha Ruberto

Whether it’s podcasting, social media, whatever the posts are. But as a coach, I look at them and I said, like, you know, how many downloads did you get this today? And the look, I mean, the same, you know, maybe twenty or thirty whatever or ten, whatever. And it’s like, do you realize that you just spoke in front of ten people and the shift that you could have had? What difference you could’ve made in those ten people’s lives?

[00:20:52.800] – Samantha Ruberto

Every little detail and listen and download and everything matters. And I mean, as long as you come from a place of love, it’s that’s all you can really ask yourself.

[00:21:03.540] – Brett Dupree

Oh, a hundred percent agree. So wonderful process. So I think fans listening and thinking, am I doing a podcast? I highly suggest it. Your own personal growth will be amazing.

[00:21:13.860] – Samantha Ruberto

And in a way, to like I will add that it’s like the personal growth of like for me, I wasn’t a tech techie person. I used it in the podcast. If an error screen popped up, popped up on my computer, I would see it internally, freak out, closed my computer, walk away for like three days, kind of creep back to my computer, open it up and hope that they hope that the error like the thing was gone and that it just sort of sorted itself out.

[00:21:35.840] – Samantha Ruberto

But podcasting has really got me to have to sit there and have to not react. And just like walk away and pretend like, you know, abandon abort the situation. I had to sit there and be like, OK, there’s an error. How do I figure this out? School of YouTube. School of Google. I can do that, you know. And little by little. One problem at a time, I had to sit there and actually be resourceful enough to figure it out.

[00:21:57.360] – Samantha Ruberto

So it’s given me a lot of confidence, too, in terms of like my capabilities of what I could be or what we could accomplish. And that’s one thing in life. It’s just because I had been a realtor for so long and identified as being a realtor, why cannot be a podcaster now just because you’ve done something your entire life? Who’s to say that I couldn’t or you couldn’t pick something else and start something from day one and just roll with it?

[00:22:20.430] – Samantha Ruberto

It’s really given a lot of confidence that anything is possible, that as long as you have your heart in it and you’ve got the commitment and the drive to do it, you can figure it out, too. Everybody has a starting point.

[00:22:30.810] – Brett Dupree

Very true. Lucky. One of my starting points was I have a tech background.

[00:22:34.970] – Samantha Ruberto

Do you? OK. So that really helps.

[00:22:37.570] – Brett Dupree

Do you have any fun success stories to share from your coaching or podcasting?

[00:22:40.920] – Samantha Ruberto

Oh my gosh. So many success stories. One of my clients I was just working with, she was a busy mom, working her nine to five, doing all of the things. And she had this little dream inside of her that she wanted to pursue coaching, but she didn’t really know what it looked like. She didn’t really know-how. She wasn’t really on the path at all. And so when I talked to her, she initially gave herself a two-year deadline to step into it, to give enough time to have enough cushion to have like enough this enough that to actually step into it after we working together.

[00:23:11.010] – Samantha Ruberto

Do you want to take a guess of how long it took her to actually step into her new path?

[00:23:16.590] – Brett Dupree

Five years.

[00:23:18.000] – Samantha Ruberto

Two months. So within two months of us working together, we started working together in January. And two months later, she quit her full-time job. She stepped away from it. She saw her value at her worth and she had the confidence to pursue her dreams. And that to me, just to take somebody, give her the space for the first time in her life, speak about her dream of pursuing coaching and going after this and holding space that she could actually say, OK, I’m going to do this in two years.

[00:23:47.090] – Samantha Ruberto

And for me to say, yes, yes, yes, you can. And then every single week work with her and question and push her a little bit and kind of help her. She just not only spoke her dream brought awareness to it, but actually took it from two years to two months. To me, that’s a success. That’s helping her step into her power. And now I see her coaching and helping other women and showing other women it’s possible that that lights me up.

[00:24:08.290] – Samantha Ruberto

That’s pretty fun to look at. To think that just because we work together, she’s literally walking the path of her higher power. I think it’s pretty cool.

[00:24:16.090] – Brett Dupree

That is pretty cool. We are coming to the end of our time together. And one thing I’d like to ask my guest is to do a one minute the motivation. You can imagine this as if you have a time machine and you’re going back to your eight-year-old self and you want to convey everything you need to live a happy, joy-filled life. But unfortunately, you’ll have a minute until your pop back into the future. Or you can think of it as taking your entire lives, message, and purpose and condensing it down to a minute. So you’re ready?

[00:24:39.940] – Samantha Ruberto

I am ready. Let’s go. You are meant for such amazing things in this lifetime. Listen to your heart tune and give yourself space to be able to play and tap into what your heart desires. Your heart will always guide you in the right direction. You just need to listen to it and have faith. Take the leap. Go after the things you want. There is a higher plan for you. There is a path that you will be walking that’s going to light the way for other people to do it.

[00:25:07.450] – Samantha Ruberto

This is not about just you. It is about walking that path and showing others that it’s possible. So shine bright. Turn up your light and put a smile on your face and go because the world is waiting for you to shine. Has it been a minute now?

[00:25:25.020] – Brett Dupree

however long it was, it was very beautiful.

[00:25:27.380] – Samantha Ruberto

Thank you.

[00:25:28.630] – Brett Dupree

Thank you, Samantha, for being on my podcast. I really enjoyed listening to your journey of somebody who seemed to have it all and fit perfectly in that societal box. But you allowed Spirit’s source or whatever you want to call it to talk to you and you listen to it and spent time and figured out what you needed to truly shine in this world. Then there’s a lot of people out there to believe that there’s more to life than what they’re living now. So to listen to someone’s story, who went through similar things, and we’re able to step out and go travel and enjoy life and then to come back and help other people do the same as even more special. So thank you so much for everything you do. And thank you so much for being on my podcast.

[00:26:08.160] – Samantha Ruberto

Thank you. Such a pleasure. Thank you for everything you’re doing. I just have to acknowledge you in the light that you are.

[00:26:14.660] – Brett Dupree

May your day be special.

[00:26:15.750] – Samantha Ruberto

You too.

Inspirational Life Coach Brett Dupree (266 Posts)

Internationally certified life coach through inviteCHANGE, Brett Dupree envisions a powerful future in which people live in pure joy. He believes that there is a great transformation just around the corner and he coaches people on how to use passion and inspiration to ride the powerful wave of awakening that is sweeping this world. Brett has dedicated his life to the study of personal empowerment. He believes that real lasting change comes from changing from the inside out. Working with you one-on-one, Brett helps you listen to your inner voice to reach your goals with passion, inspiration and ease . He creates a sacred space that allows you clients to bask in the joy of creation. He will help you find peace and balance in their lives so you can transform yourself into a self leader. Using the power of intentions, the Law of Attraction and his deep loving powerful heart he helps his clients gain miraculous results.

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