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I have to share a video with you that I listened to this weekend. The video is from Brene Brown in the Ted Talks Houston. The talks about her studies on shame and what it means. One of the greatest points is talk about how to be kind to yourself before you are kind to …

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Spiritual Life Coach Tip: Improve with Improv

Spiritual Life Coach Tip: Improve with Improv Taking Improv classes through Jet City Improv is very beneficial. I am very thankful that I have taken improv classes. I recommend that everyone takes them. You can gain so much from taking improv classes. Before improv classes I was the type of person who the most embarrassing …

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True Freedom- Not caring what people think

Spiritual Life Coach Tip: Not caring what people think about you I was sitting outside of a Starbucks enjoying life when a man walks past me and asks me, “How is it going wild man?” I thought nothing of this. My hair is long and it can look wild. I remember a child laughing once …

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