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Increase Your Joy: Write Joyous Intentions in 7 Easy Steps

Clarity is the key to creating the life you want. Writing down your intentions is how to gain the clarity you need to manifest your desires.

People fail to manifest the life they want because they...

  • Unconsciously make intentions. They are letting their unconscious mind-set their intentions each and every day. The unconscious part of the mind will set intentions based on the stimulus that happened in the past. They will be doing the same thing everyday and hoping for different results.
  • Wish for something better without acting. They learn about the Law of Attraction and believe it is a genie who grants their wishes. All they have to do is set their intention and sit and wait for good things to come. They will never come.
  • Always chasing the carrot. They are always looking for something else to make them happy. Once they reach a goal they realize that the goal will not make them happy so they move onto the next goal. They are constantly living like a mule chasing the carrot and yet realizing every time they reach the carrot it was not as good as they thought it would be.
  • Believe in "no pain, no gain. They believe that the only way to succeed is to go through pain. They even go so far as to create pain when they want to go through change. Transformation cannot be joyful if they believe that they have to create pain to transform.
  • Focused on what they do not want. The more they focus on what they do not want, the more they attract what they do not want. They are constantly complaining which is creating more things to complain about. If you said, "Hey, I do that!" to any of the above, I have

Increase your Joy will teach you how to write intentions in a way so you do not self sabotage your dreams, and write your intentions the most effective way to create the life if your dreams. When your intentions are written correctly, there is almost nothing you cannot accomplish.

Start now and begin Celebrate your life and learn from your successes!

8 Keys to Joy

8 Keys to Joy: Creating Elation In Your Life with 8 Fun and Easy Steps

Do you want the secret to living a joy filled life? 8 Keys to Joy has the keys that will allow you to authentically happy. So many other teacher teach ways that cover up sadness and call it joys. In the 8 Keys to Joy you will learn how to

My desire on this planet is create a joyous expansion. Where I increase the joy of the people around me, and that spreads to the people around them. I am giving away this e-book for free because I want to increase your joy, so that you can spread more joy to the people in your life, that will spread more joy to the people in their lives.

  1. Find Your Placebo: Learn what it takes to discover what works for you.
  2. Be Positively Selfish: Most controversial tip. Learn how important it is to take care of you.
  3. Receive Abundance: They say it is better to give than receive. They are wrong. Learn why.
  4. Clarify and Live Your Purpose: Purpose is the spice of life.
  5. Moving from Joy to Joy: Did you know you can enjoy your life? Here is a chapter to teach you how to enjoy the ups and down.
  6. Give up the Illusion of Being Done: This key is counter intuitive. There is freedom in giving up the illusion of being done.
  7. Love Unconditionally: Learn exactly what is unconditional love and why you should do it.
  8. Celebration: When you celebrate the little things in life, life is one big celebration!

Manifest Your Desires

Manifest Your Desires by Increasing Your Vibration in Seven Fun and Easy Steps

After you write your intentions from Increase Your Joy, you can use this free seminar to bring your intentions into reality. You will increase your ability to create the life you want.

The course is broken up into 7 easy steps. You will have a great time manifesting your desires. Tap into source and create from the vortex!


50 Ways to Increase Your Joy Report!

Get started right away to living with joy! This report has 50 proven ways to make your day better. When you are feeling good, life is easier and it is actually easier for you to get up off your butt to do the actions you need to do to change your life. If you need a quick pick me up, you will find it in this report. Your joy will increase!

Each ways to increase your joy are tested by a scientific study and will help you create more joy in your life. Life is meant to be enjoyed. Start enjoying it today!

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